B&B Monday Update 7/29/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/29/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill tells Quinn that he is Wyatt's father and he was kept from him all his life. Wyatt decides to leave. Quinn tries to stop him. She explains that Bill was not interested in raising him has he wanted an abortion. Wyatt does not even know if he wants to know Bill. Bill explains if Wyatt wants to know he can and Quinn cannot stop him.

Brooke is shocked that Wyatt is Bill's son. Hope explains that she knew after she saw the sword. She cannot believe this.

Katie talks with a designer with about remodeling a room. An assistant comes in to tell Katie about her week. In Katie's head she has voices talk to her. Donna tells her to talk come back to reality and has the assistant leave. Katie does not want to hear it. Katie knows that Donna knew about Brooke and Bill. Donna explains that she could not. Katie thinks that she is loyal to Brooke. Donna says that she was not and it has to do with her heart. Donna is sorry but Brooke swore her to secrecy. Donna decides she should leave. Katie does not want her to leave but she does not know how Bill or Brooke could do this to her.

Brooke wants to know how she ended up here. Hope says she arranged it so that Bill and Quinn could see each other. Hope runs through the whole story. Brooke understands the hostility now. Brooke does not blame Quinn for being mad.

Quinn cannot believe that Bill would want to know this child now. She will not allow him to take him away from her. Wyatt does not want this on him. Quinn says she knows he is angry but he needs to hear her out. Quinn does not him to be alone. Bill says he won't be because he is coming home with him.

Donna wonders if Katie would want to work it out with Bill. Katie says she has gone through it and she knows that she did what she did to them. However Katie knows that Brooke should know that Bill was off limits. Katie does not want to live this way. She will never again.

Brooke is not ok with Quinn talking to her but that Quinn should have told Wyatt. Hope knows that Quinn would not have done this. Brooke wonders how Bill is going to act towards this.

Bill offers him the chance to come for an hour. Quinn does not want him going. Bill demands that Wyatt gets the chance to make his own choices. Quinn refuses to allow Wyatt to go through this. Wyatt wants to know how she could lie to him his entire life. Wyatt decides to go. Quinn begs him not to go.

Donna tells Katie Brooke is desperate and they thought the marriage was over. Katie says it does not matter because Bill was her husband. Donna thinks it is to soon to forgive.

Hope wonders if things are better with Katie. Brooke says they are worst. Brooke tried to show that what Katie was doing was wrong but she would not listen. Brooke knows this is all her fault and if she tried to think for one moment things would be different. Hope thinks that she will learn. Brooke decides they need to talk about the wedding.

Wyatt does not want to hear Quinn. Quinn wants to know why Wyatt would even go with a man she does not know. Quinn explains she is sorry. Bill tells Quinn to just accept this. Wyatt is done with Quinn. Wyatt drives off with Bill and Liam. Quinn cries as they do.

Donna asks if Katie has let Bill spend time with Will. Katie would let him if he asks but he has not asked yet. Brooke calls Donna asking if Katie is around because she needs to know something about Bill. Donna puts Brooke on speaker. Brooke asks Katie if Bill ever told her about a lady named Quinn. Katie says no. Brooke explains that Bill had a son with her and he is with him right now.

Quinn cries on her couch.

Bill shows up at Liam's place. Wyatt is shocked that Bill lives here. Bill explains this is Liam's place. Wyatt goes to see the view of the ocean. Bill understands that his life changed dramatically. Wyatt cannot believe that Quinn never told the truth. Bill tells Wyatt not to be judgmental with Quinn. Bill explains that he was a reckless kid and that family means everything to him now. Wyatt wonders what he is supposed to call him. Bill says whatever he wants Bill likes dad. Wyatt calls him Dad. Bill hugs Wyatt. Liam shows up and does not look happy.

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