B&B Wednesday Update 7/24/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/24/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill looks at Quinn and Quinn looks at Bill. They both look freaked out. Liam asks Bill if he wants desert. Liam wonders what Bill is looking at. Wyatt asks if something is wrong. Quinn tries to leave but they are seated.

Caroline tells her friend that this is not sexy enough. He explains that this is supposed to be a love story. Caroline hates the story line they have. Caroline tells him to buy a water bed. People like sex on a water bed according to Caroline. He tells her this has nothing to do with his project just her obsession with Rick.

Carter asks Maya if Rick was not in the picture would he have a chance with her.

Caroline tells him to relax. He thinks that a water bed in the living room is stupid. Caroline tells him she will get rid of it even if she did pay for them all by herself. She believes things are paying off.

Maya tells Carter he is a good guy just not for her.

Liam asks if Bill knows the woman behind him. Bill says possibly. Liam tells him to go ask her.

Quinn tries to leave. Wyatt tells her they just got there. Quinn explains she has an order to fill. Wyatt says they just got here.

Caroline thinks that the rodents are staring at her. He tells her that she does not have to stay. Caroline will not miss the water bed.

Maya tells Carter that this is a good job. Maya tells him that at least she gets to do this with someone she trusts. Maya thinks that there is a line that will not be crossed. Maya hopes Carter understands. The filming starts.

Quinn and Wyatt order their meals.

Liam says that Quinn looks beautiful. Liam wants to know how he knows her. Bill says he is not sure. Bill goes to ask.

Quinn tries to leave again. Bill comes over and says she has not changed. Wyatt asks why Bill is asking. Bill tells Quinn he wants to thank her for something that she made years ago. Wyatt asks what. Bill shows the necklace and she runs out. Liam asks what just happened.

Maya and Carter get motivation. Maya thinks they need to play more romance. They are told that they are. Maya wonders how much they will show. Maya and Carter act out the scene. Carter says he loves her. Maya says she loves him too. The two kiss in character. Carter tells her that he got a water bed. Maya's character says that it is a weird place to have it. Maya says she wants him in her bed. The director does not want it to be so flat. Maya thinks that this is stupid. Maya tells Carter she is sorry but thinks that something does not seem right. Maya thinks she hears something.

Hope tells Bill and Liam she can explain. Bill wants to know how she knows Quinn. Hope explains Wyatt is her son and she thinks that Bill could possibly be Wyatt's father.

Wyatt stops Quinn. Wyatt thinks that his father is not dead. He thinks he has been alive all these years.

Maya walks off. Caroline tells him that he needs to get Maya to do what she says. Maya finds the two talking.

Liam thinks this is kind of crazy. Liam asks if it was the necklace. Hope says year. Hope thinks that it was a crazy long shot but Wyatt needed to know. Hope thinks that it would be nice for Wyatt to know. Liam thinks it is wild.

Wyatt demands to know. Quinn says yes. Bill hears everything. Quinn says she was trying to protect him. Quinn explains they dated but Bill wanted nothing to do with the baby or him. She claims Bill gave her money to get the abortion but Bill did not want him. Bill walks over. Wyatt looks at him, furious.

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