B&B Tuesday Update 7/23/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/23/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke explains she is so happy for Hope. Hope says that it was so beautiful and it was just what she needed to hear. Brooke says it is what she needed to hear as well.

Liam thanks Bill for coming to lunch. Liam says he has news and he thinks that it is good. Bill asks the chef what they have to eat today. Liam orders what they have. Liam wants to know Bill's news first. Bill explains that he made things worst with Katie. Bill knows she will give in soon though because Will deserves two parents.

Quinn tells Wyatt to take off the necklace. Wyatt does not know why it bothers her so much. Quinn does not like the way Hope acts around him. Wyatt says he is sorry and Hope did not mean to ask those questions.

Liam wonders why Bill signed the divorce papers. Bill explains it was financial stuff. Bill wants to know if Steffy is coming home. Liam says sorry. Liam explains that Steffy and him have moved on. Liam tells him that he proposed to Hope.

Brooke wants to tell Donna. Hope is ok with that because Liam is going to tell Bill. Brooke wonders why she is not there. Hope explains that she does not want to get involved there. Brooke opens the door and Wyatt is there. Brooke goes off to the office. Wyatt wants to know what they are celebrating.

Donna thinks that Hope must be thrilled. Brooke says yes and that she never thought it would actually happen. Brooke asks if Donna can tell Katie. Donna says yes but thinks Katie must know. Brooke explains that Katie is done with everyone. Donna believes she is just trying to fix herself. Donna knows that Katie has lost everyone she thought she could trust. Donna thinks that Katie only wants to be in control not in charge of Spencer.

Wyatt wonders what it is going on. Hope explains that Liam and her got engaged. Wyatt is shocked but congratulates her. Wyatt explains that the ring is ever nice. Hope does not want to make this awkward. Wyatt says it wont because it is not like he came over to ask her on a date. Hope wants to keep him as a friend. Wyatt has a request for Hope about the necklace. Wyatt wants Hope to let it go because Quinn does not like them. Hope says sorry but wonders why Quinn is upset over a man she never met.

Bill wants to know why Steffy and Liam are over. Liam wants to know what happened with Katie. Bill tells him everyone knows but no one knows about Steffy and Liam. Bill wonders if he even tried to do anything. Liam cannot believe he is even trying to get his blessing.

Brooke thinks that Karen is trying to hurt Bill. Donna believes that Bill has done some bad things lately. Brooke knows everyone makes bad choices. Brooke knows that Katie can change her mind. Donna tells Brooke to stop sticking up for Bill so things can get back to normal.

Liam wants to know why Bill can't be happy for him. Bill says he is not happy for anyone. Bill tells Liam to stay. Liam tells Bill that he has until his wedding to figure out what he is doing with Brooke and Katie.

Hope tells Wyatt that no one has a necklace like he does. Hope tells Wyatt that Bill is out right now and Wyatt could easily come by to run into Bill. Wyatt agrees and calls Quinn. He asks Quinn to come to lunch with him where Bill and Liam are.

Brooke believes what Karen did to Bill was a trick. Brooke does not even care about the company. Donna wonders if Brooke even hears herself. Donna tells her to stop and everything is wrong. Donna tells Brooke she needs to say sorry. Donna knows this is not what she needs. Brooke wants Katie to know what she is doing to Bill. Will is not to be blamed. Brooke wants Will to know who is father is.

Hope shows where Bill and Liam are. Hope goes to sit in the corner. Wyatt hopes this goes well.

Bill thought a man was measured by success. Bill believed that Liam and Will changed his priorities. Bill says that people never used to control his relationships. He is not going to push Liam away. He is going to pull them together.

Quinn shows up and Quinn notices Bill. Bill sees her and looks right at her. They both look shocked.

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