B&B Monday Update 7/22/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/22/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam tells Hope to say yes and say she will marry him. Hope smiles and looks at him.

Brooke tells Katie she deserved to be slapped and that Katie is the only reason that Brooke slept with Bill. Brooke tried her hardest to get them to stay together.

Karen asks Bill why she here talking to Bill. Bill wants to know why Karen sold him out. Bill thinks that family means nothing to her. Karen cannot believe that he is giving her lectures. Bill believes that he did things to help her. Karen does not care because Katie is going to win.

Brooke tells Katie not to destroy her life. Katie explains she does not hate Brooke but she is bitter and hurt. Katie is not going to give up her position at Spencer.

Hope is shocked at what is going on. Liam thinks that this is their time. Hope wanted this but wants to know if this is what he really wants. Liam explains it is. Hope says yes. Liam puts the ring on her finger and the two start to kiss passionately. The two smile at each other.

Bill does not think he deserves this from Karen. Bill thinks he deserves support after he supported her. Karen does not think that it is a good thing when he sleeps with Brooke. Bill supported Karen when she said she was gay. Bill explains that he made the company what it is. Karen tells him that he did a bunch of stuff that was not good. Karen is supporting Katie. Bill is not going to let this happen.

Brooke is shocked that Katie is not bothered by this at all. Katie does not care about this. Brooke thinks that nothing has changed. Katie tells her that he is not her husband anymore and she does not want him. Katie is not weak or pathetic. Brooke wants what is best for Will. Katie tells Brooke to get out and she will not be allowed back in. Katie does not want to see Brooke again. Brooke leaves.

Hope and Liam continue to kiss and Rick calls. Hope picks up and tells Rick she just got engaged. She hangs up the phone. Hope tells Liam to follow her. The two run off together laughing and holding hands. They take a long path to a small house. The two start to kiss again.

Katie has flashbacks of telling Bill he is no longer CEO. Bill shows up at the office. Katie wonders how he got in. Bill says he has friends. Katie tells him she is going to call Security. Bill says that he wants to be back with Katie yet again. Katie says that he had her, and he did not want her. Bill wants her back. Katie does not think that is true, and he only wants the mother of her son. Bill says she can keep the job and office. He just wants his family back. Katie does not care and says that it is over. Bill explains he will fight for her and his family and win.

Rick asks where Brooke has been. Brooke says she has been talking to Katie. Brooke says that Katie will not let go of the job. Rick says that there is a bright side and that Hope and Liam are engaged. Brooke hugs Rick very happy.

Liam lights some candles. Liam says that life starts now. Liam unzips Hope's dress and takes it off as the two kiss each other.

Katie thinks that Bill wants a life with Brooke. Katie knows that Bill has only ever wanted it all. Bill says he only cares about her. Bill says he only loves her. Katie tells him her heart is broken. Bill says they can fix it. Katie does not know how to fix it. Bill will never give up.

Brooke is so happy. Brooke asks where the two are. Rick does not know. Brooke thinks this is exactly what they needed. Rick jokes that all they need is another wedding.

Hope and Liam cuddle in front of the fireplace under a blanket. Hope tells him to only remember the good. Flashbacks are shown to the good parts of their relationship. Liam says this is only the start. Hope likes the sound of that. The two kiss again.

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