B&B Tuesday Update 7/16/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/16/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie redecorates her office. Karen asks how it feels to the new CEO. Katie says it is over whelming. Karen thinks she did the right thing and she will help her out. Katie does not know what the right thing was but she is ready. Liam bursts in shocked that Bill was fired.

Maya tells Rick that he is bad. Maya knows that she should be at the studio right now but Rick claimed he had buisness to talk about. Hope walks in and says she can come back. Maya tells her to stay and says she can go. Maya decides to stay a few more minutes and they continue to kiss.

Carline tells Carter that this is some pretty steamy stuff. Caroline asks where Maya is because the two are finally going to be having sex. Carter says that the characters are having sex. Carter wants to know why she is here. Caroline thinks that Carter is hung up on Maya. Caroline goes to tell her friend that Rick can be hers again.

Allison tells Katie that she cannot fire Bill Spencer from Spencer publications. Liam asks how Karen could do this when they both own fifty percent. Karen tells them that Katie owns one percent now. Liam thinks this is not right to use the company to punish him will be a bad move.

Caroline asks why Maya was late this time. Maya says she slept in. Caroline tells her that she has to run lines. Maya asks if Caroline is leaving. Caroline says it is a closed set for there love scene.

Karen and Katie tell everyone that this has nothing to do with getting back at Bill but doing what is right for the company. Liam thinks that Bill is the best thing about this company and that Katie knows he is right. Katie is sorry but this is the way it will be. Everyone walks out of the room.

Hope thinks that Maya and Carter making out was a bit much. Rick explains that this was a bit much but he will not ask her to give it up. Hope wonders how things stand between the two of them. Rick says that she is everything he always wanted but there is something that is bothering him. Rick does not want things to become an issue with Carter.

Carter and Maya start the scene. Carter sits on the couch in his boxers and looks at his tablet. Carter sees Maya on the screen and Maya tells him she hopes he is hungry. Maya holds up a breakfast tray wearing barly anything. Carter and Maya's characters start to kiss passionatly. The director stops and goes to tell Caroline to stop texting him. Caroline says they need to make this hotter. He asks if Rick even knows how much she loves him. The two hug. The director goes back and tells them they are going to have multiple takes of this scene. Carter smies but Maya does not look confident. Carter and Maya's characters kiss passionatly and the scene stops. Carter looks happy but Maya does not look interested in him at all. Carter thinks that this is working. They do another take of the two kissing. Carters character asks if she wants him to stop. Mayas character says no.

Karen tells Katie they will go through some reports. Katie is not happy with the situation. Karen asks if Katie is having second thoughts. Katie says no. Karen tells her to move on and they will do this together. Dani walks in asking what is going on.

Liam walks into Hope's office. Hope asks if he saw Steffy. Liam says yes. Hope wonders if she got the answers.

Carter thinks about the scenes and Maya asks why he is looking at her like that.

Karen says she did it and Dani hugs her. Dani asks why she didn't call her. Katie says she has been to busy. Karen says that Katie is the new CEO and Karen is going to be back very soon. Karen says it is all hers. The three are very happy. Katie thanks her and explains she feels stronger.

Hope wants to know if Liam has left Steffy go. Liam kisses Hope. Liam smiles but Hope does not do anything.

Caroline comes to see Rick and Caroline says that Maya and Carter were having some hot scenes.

Carter flirts with Maya but Maya does not understand. Carters gets close to Maya and asks if she was into it. Maya explains that she is pleased. Carter explains that likes her and kisses Maya. Maya smiles but says nothing.

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