B&B Monday Update 7/15/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/15/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill laughs at what Katie has said. Katie says that they no longer need his services starting right now.

Hope asks Wyatt's mother how long she has been making jewelry. Hope is shocked over the sword necklace. Wyatt wonders what is so fascinating about the necklace. Hope explains she is interested in Wyatt as well. Wyatt asks if Hope would like to get some lunch. Hope explains she has to get back to lunch. She says it was nice meeting her.

Bill does not want to listen to Katie or Karen. Bill thinks that one percent is not enough. Katie explains that one percent is powerful when Karen has fifty percent. Karen thinks that Bill should leave the office.

Rick looks at some pictures and Hope walks in. Rick asks if Hope has seen the mock ups for her line. Rick asks if she is ok. Hope explains that Liam went to Paris to see Steffy. Rick wants to know why. She explains that Liam needs closure but will not wait anymore. Rick thinks that Liam is a loser. Hope explains something else has been distracting her because she likes Wyatt but she feels like that there is a lot that they both don't know about each other.

Wyatt and his mother talk about the jewelry. Wyatt asks if she likes Hope. She explains that she does. Wyatt thought that she was not very happy. Wyatt wonders if it has to deal with Hope being a Forrester. She says it does not but she does not think Hope is the right girl for him.

Bill tells Katie that Karen has been trying to do this for years. Katie explains this was her plan. Bill is mad that Bill will not listen to her. Katie says that his words mean nothing to her. Bill asks if this is her solution. Bill knows the company will go down because he is the company. Bill knows that she will be punishing more than him if she does that. Bill believes she is destroying the family. Bill asks if Katie has considered what could happen. Katie explains that she has. Karen says the board has approved of this. Bill does not think that a dress company is anything like a publishing company. Bill knows that things will go wrong. Bill believes that he has built this company and it will go down because of her. Karen tells Bill to try something new like jumping off a building. Bill thinks this has to do with the two of them hating men. Katie tells Bill to keep talking.

Wyatt is shocked. His mother believes that her large set life could have conflict. Wyatt does not want to give up his life but knows that she is upset because Liam is different. Wyatt will not back off because of Liam. Wyatt met Liam and thinks that he is a jerk. Wyatt knows it makes sense because his father is the same way because of the power that he has. Wyatt tries to help Quinn with her jewelry. Wyatt asks if something is wrong and she explains that she is tired.

Hope says that Wyatt has the same necklace as Bill and Liam. Hope thinks that it is weird because she claims it is the only one she ever made. Hope says that Quinn claims that it is one of a kind and she never sold it to Bill. Hope thinks she got guarded when she found out that Hope was connected to the Spencers. Rick does not know about this. Hope says Wyatt's dad passed away when he was young, and his father was a jerk. Hope thinks that they could possibly be half brothers.

Bill does not think that breaking up the family is a good thing. Bill begs her not to do it. Bill thinks that this will all be on her. Katie says that Bill broke up there family and not her. Karen compares Bill to their father. Bill has a fit and Katie tells him to leave. Bill refuses to leave. Karen tells him that from now on they answer to him. Bill says this is his empire and all his. Karen opens the door and the security team makes him to leave. Katie tells him to just walk away. Bill leaves. Katie sits down at the desk and smiles.

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