B&B Thursday Update 7/11/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 7/11/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke tells Bill not to give up on Katie.

Karen asks how Katie is coping. Katie says things are interesting and thanks her for coming from New York. Karen explains that her brother does not know what he is losing but that she does. The two hug.

Liam explains that he needs to know why Steffy left. Hope wants to know what else is there to know. Liam does not think that it makes sense. Hope explains that she is worried about them.

Wyatt has a thought about Hope and holds on to his necklace which looks like Bill's.

Liam needs to have the real reason Steffy ran away. Hope explains that it has to do with the fact that Hope can give him something that she can't. Liam needs to know what is missing.

The doctor looks at Steffy's file and feels guilty.

Karen says she is so sorry. Katie tells her not to be. Katie explains she cannot believe that Brooke would be able to do this. Karen tells her that it is time for Bill to pay.

Bill will not loose his family. Brooke says that he will not. Bill says that the marriage is over. Bill says not to end their marriage this way.

Wyatt continues to think about Hope.

Liam asks what Steffy could be hiding. Hope tells him that he has done everything that he can do. Liam knows the marriage is over but needs to know if Steffy is in trouble. Liam tells Hope that he has every right to feel impatient but he needs to know. Hope wants a life with him but knows that Steffy is still in his head and asks if she should even wait anymore. Liam says when he finds the truth he will be ready. Liam wants to go talk to Steffy's doctor. Liam explains that if he does not get answers, he will drop it. Hope wants to believe it but does not know if he can. Hope kisses Liam and Liam leaves.

Karen thinks that Katie has a reason to be bitter. Katie does not want to be. Karen asks about the settlement. Katie only wants one percent of the company. Karen thinks she should have more. Katie just needs enough to take care of Will.

Brooke thinks they could have shown more restraint. Bill says they did until the end. Bill knows they did not do anything and when it finally does now they look bad. Bill looks at the divorce papers and thinks this is all crazy. Brooke tells him not to worry and she will talk to Katie because she should not give up a life with her husband and son.

Liam goes to talk to Steffy's doctor explaining he has no idea how she is and that is why he is here.

Hope thinks about her times she has spent with Liam and smiles. She then thinks about Wyatt and starts to cry. She thinks about Liam and then Wyatt and does not know what to do.

Wyatt also thinks.

Steffy's doctor is shocked. Liam thought it had to do with the miscarriage. Liam asks if she has seen Steffy. She explains that she came to her but she cannot tell him anything. Liam thanks her.

Karen is sorry that Brooke betrayed her but she will not. Karen tells Katie not to let Bill back in this house.

Brooke knows that Katie is going to regret this. Brooke thinks that her history is clear. Bill tells Brooke it was not just passion. Brooke says she will go talk to Katie. Bill thanks Brooke.

Karen knows that Katie will come out strong. Katie thanks her for coming out. Karen will not leave right now because she wants to help out. Karen thinks that Katie has a bright future. Brooke shows up and explains she needs to talk. Karen tells her she does not want to talk. Brooke tells Katie she will regret divorcing Bill.

Liam is on a plane and calls Hope. Hope asks if Liam talked to the doctor and he is on his way to Paris because he needs answers. Liam says he loves her and to wait for him. Hope hangs up and starts to cry. She has more flashbacks about Liam and her. Wyatt shows up and asks what is wrong. Hope says nothing and tells him to come in. Wyatt asks if something happened. Hope tells him that Liam is on his way to Paris to see Steffy. Wyatt hugs Hope as she cries and notices the necklace again.

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