B&B Tuesday Update 7/9/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/9/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill begs Katie to forgive her because he cannot be without his family. He knows that Katie has every right to be mad but that this is patically Katie's fault as well. Katie does not want to waste anymore time being Bill's doormat. He will not do it anymore.

Brooke thanks Hope knowing it is hard to understand but it is nice to have Hope's forgiveness. Hope explains she does not know why Brooke does certain things but she is there for her like Brooke is for her childrne.

Liam and Carter talk about Steffy. Carter thought that the two of them were really good together. Liam thought so too and does not know what happened. Liam explains that something went wrong. Liam thinks that this was deeper than the miscaraige. Liam does not get it and thinks that something else is going on.

Hope explains that she will have no one to go to when she has a crisis. Brooke says she will be there. Rick wonders who Hope was with at the party.

Katie tells Bill he will have visitation of Will but Will will know right from wrong and Will is going to be a better man than him. Bill thinks that couples need to work through things. Katie wants a divorce.

Liam says that Steffy kept saying that he should be with Hope. Carter asks if Steffy wants that. Liam thinks this is crazy and wants to have some knowledge of why Steffy did this and maybe he can move on.

Hope tells the story of what happened. She explains she does want Liam but no a life where Liam is obsessed with Steffy. Brooke hopes that Liam is able to give her what she needs. Hope will not wait forever admitting she has options.

Katie thought she would be the one person in her family who made a marraige work. However it did not and she swore that she would not be her mother. Bill thinks that she is her father for running away. Katie tells Bill that his logic is crazy. Bill refuses to accept that this is his fault. Bill tells Katie that he did what she wanted and Katie walked out on him again. Bill would not have walked out like Katie did. Bill tells Katie not to make this about him. Bill would not have been with Brooke if she did not say she was done with him. Katie asks how long it took before he slept with Brooke. Bill does not answer and brings up all the times that Katie left and came back. Bill says that now that he is asking for forgivness. Katie tells Bill that she has forgiven him an awful lot and not anymore. Katie will not do it and thinks that it is to much. Bill thinks that Katie does not want a divorce and will not give up on them. Katie nods her head no.

Brooke asks Rick if he is going to the office. Rick explains he has some things to take care of. Hope tells the two of them that Wyatt has a sword necklass just like Bill has. Brooke thinks that is weird and that Bill would be mad to know that there is a knock off somewhere. Bill calls Brooke and tells her to meet him at his office. Brooke tells Hope she has to go but tells her that she is proud that Hope is able to make her own choices. Hope tells her she loves her and Liam walks in as Brooke walks out. Liam wants to talk to Hope. The two smile at each other.

Katie thanks a divorce lawyer for the divorce papers. Katie has flashbacks to Bill. The laywer tells her that she should make sure she is getting what she is entitled to. Katie is asked to sign the papers. Katie does not and starts to cry.

Bill looks at some file as Brooke comes in. Bill thanks her for coming. Brooke wants some good news. Bill says Katie wants a divorce. Bill refuses to let it happen. Bill is a husband and father. Bill will not do this. Brooke knows.

Liam thought the other night ended a bit strange. Liam wants to be a man she diserves. Liam knows that things are not right now. Hope wants to make sure he knows she is not trying to be selfish. Liam understands. Hope wants to start over but knows they cannot go back to the start. Hope sees that Liam is still wearing the ring. Hope wants to put her arms around Liam and be his wife. She explains that she is ready but Liam is not. Hope wants to know what they do.

Katie looks outside her window and has flashbacks to her times with Bill that she enjoyed.

Bill understands that Katie is hurting but he will not give up on them. Bill knows Brooke will not give up either. Bill gets a call and and the lawyer shows up. Bill knows that Katie is asking for a divorce. Bill gets the papers and opens them to see that Katie has signed them. Bill turns around and looks at Brooke. Bill tells Brooke she has done it she has filed for a divorce. Brooke is shocked and does not say anything.

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