B&B Monday Update 7/8/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/8/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope walks around the living room and Brooke walks down stairs. Hope asks if Brooke is going into work. Brooke explains that she is and she does not care about how people feel. Rick says they will get through this as a family. Hope wants to know how Brooke can keep doing this to people.

Liam wonders if Katie knows that Bill is staying with him. Liam asks Bill what he was thinking with Brooke. Bill does not know. Liam explains that Will may be taken away if Katie cannot get past this.

Katie feeds Will and decides to save some of the food for later. Katie talks to Will and holds him. Katie asks if Will misses his daddy. Donna explains that it does not have to be that way if she gives it time. Donna asks if it is possible. Katie says she does not want to talk about Brooke or Bill. Donna hopes things can still work out. Katie thinks the marriage is over. Katie needs a man she can trust.

Bill thinks that Katie needs time. Liam thinks that she has a lot to work through and he should wait a few weeks. Bill believes that Katie needs her husband whether she knows it or not.

Brooke knows that Hope is upset about what she has done. Hope understands that Taylor should not have done what she did but it was the truth. Brooke explains that it had to do with the fact that Katie was not feeling well at the time. Hope knows that Katie has left before but she always comes back. Hope wonders why Bill and Brooke thought this time would be any different.

Donna wonders if Bill has come over. Katie says no and asks if Bill sent Donna. Donna says no and explains she just wants to hope that Katie can give this time and to think about this.

Liam knows that Bill is planning something. Bill explains that he will not allow this to be over. A jeweler comes and explains that Bill has bought a diamond tiara. Liam thinks this is a bit much. Bill will do what ever it takes to show Katie he loves her. Bill will do what ever it takes.

Donna thinks that if Hope had been there, she would understand what happened. Hope thinks that is not an excuse. Rick tells her that is not fair. Brooke says that there are a bunch of things that happened. Rick explains that there is more to it than meets the eye. Hope knows that Brooke let herself do this. Hope wants to know why Brooke just gave in instead of fighting it after Katie was better and back with Bill. Hope wonders if Brooke tried or is just telling herself that she did. Hope asks if she is being honest with herself or her children.

Liam jokes that Bill could have not just got flowers. Bill explains it cost a lot of money. Bill believes this is complicated and needs to be done face to face.

Brooke tells Hope that she was not having a recurring affair, and she does not like what she did. Hope asks when will this stop. Bridget forgave her but will Katie be able to. Hope wonders how Brooke was able to sleep with a man who was so terrible to her own daughter. Brooke thinks that maybe a divorce should happen, so that Katie can be happy. Brooke does not want Katie to break up, but she keeps pushing for a divorce and Katie does not want to share a life with Bill.

Bill goes to see Katie. Katie asks what he is doing there. Katie explains that this is not his home anymore. Bill thinks they have a son to think about and gives Katie the box with the tiara in it. He tells her this will prove how much he is willing to fix the marriage.

Brooke hates putting Hope through this because she knows she should be giving a good example. Brooke will try her hardest to keep this out of the press. Rick tells her they will be ok and tries to get Hope to agree. Hope explains part of her is really mad but she does love her and will forgive her no matter what. Hope tells Brooke that she needs to stop. Brooke tells Hope that she will fix this however long it takes.

Katie does not want it and tells him to give it to Brooke. Bill opens it and Katie does not look. Katie looks at it and does not look very happy with it. Bill tries to put it on her head. Katie cannot believe that he thinks that jewels will save all their problems. She does not seem surprised because this is how things happen with them. Bill believes that because of their son, they have to work though this. Katie tells him that if it were not for the child, they would not be doing this. Katie says Bill ruined everything, and she can never look at him the same way or trust him. She will not change her mind and wants a divorce now. Bill tells her that they can't do this to their son. He cannot be away from his child. Katie walks away. She turns back and looks at Bill.

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