B&B Tuesday Update 7/2/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/2/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie wants to know what else the two of them are lying about. Brooke explains that Bill did not even know about the baby. Katie thinks that Brooke is to old to get pregnant. Bill tells Katie to not talk that way. Katie thinks that it was lucky to never have to love the two of them.

Rick thinks that Taylor was nuts. Hope thinks that Brooke needs some help right now. Rick tells Maya she can go to her show. Maya thanks him and the two kiss.

Caroline is very upity about Maya not being there yet. Caroline thinks that she should get fined. Her friend asks what is so specail about Rick. Caroline explains that Rick is it. Caroline tells him that Rick does not work in California. Caroline says that she has scripts to work on even though she is not a writer.

Hope does not think that is ok. Rick thinks the marraige was in threads. Hope thinks Katie is going to end up in the emergency room.

Katie does not believe anything Bill says. Brooke explains that it is the truth. Bill thinks they all played a part in this including Katie.

Maya looks over her lines and Carter finds her. Maya explains that the party she was at got broken up. Maya and Carter are told that the show is going into a different direction. Maya thinks the characters are being trashed because they only just met.

Katie thinks the blame game is starting and because she withheld sex and abandond her husband. Brooke does not think that is what is happening. Katie wants Bill to take responsiblity for what he did. Bill thinks that he has a reason for this. Bill says that he told the truth when he told her that they did not have sex. Brooke expalisn it happened the next morning after she put the ring on the table. Katie wonders if they have feelings. Bill says there were and he loves his wife. Katie wants to know how long it has gone on. Brooke says it did not go on because Katie was in the hospital. Bill knows that Katie was wrong to accuse them. Katie does not think she was wrong just early.

Carter agrees to the changes. Maya wonders how they are going to get to know each other if they are not doing that. He explains that they still can. Caroline is listening to all of this from a room. Maya explains she has no problems and this is going to be fine.

Marcus and Dayzee walk in asking if things are alright. Rick explains that they are. Marcus thought they would be getting rid of Brooke. Rick does not think that at all and they have to defend Brooke. Rick hopes that Marcus is clear on that.

Katie thinks that Brooke could have had Bill at anytime. Katie thinks that Brooke is always angered at the bad things she does but keeps doing them. Katie asks if Brooke wants Bill. Brooke says she wants Katie back and that she wants her child back but does not want this. Bill does not think that Katie can play the end game any more because she had done it to many times.

Maya and Carter act out a scene. Maya makes a sex joke and the two don't think it works. Caroline of course thinks it is perfect. The two are given direction and Carter is told to take off his shirt. Maya and Carter do not like the script but they are told to keep going. The two joke about the script and Maya gives him a fake kiss. Caroline walks over to the set and thinks this is terrib.e The two just cannot kiss very well but get a little more into it.

Katie tries to put things together. Katie cannot believe this. Bill ask if they could get rid of the judgment and make this about cause and effect. Bill knows they can't because Katie does not like that and Katie will leave for the sixth time because that is how Katie acts. Katie tells Brooke to go clean herself up. Katie tells Bill that he does nothing but demand. Katie wants to know what is being demanded. Bill wants to know the truth. Katie says she has told no lies. Bill wants to know about when she disapeared and when she had the two in Aspen. Katie explains she was sick. Bill does not care because Katie did a lot of stuff to make the two like each other. Bill thinks that this is a little to much for katie to claim that she did nothing. Katie tells him that she did not force him. Bill does not care because what she did was no completly ok. Bill explains he loves her and they can fix the mistakes. Bill asks for katie's forgiveness. Katie looks at her wedding picture and is crying.

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