B&B Monday Update 7/1/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/1/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Taylor tries to get Brooke to tell the truth. Katie tells Taylor to leave. Taylor tells Katie that Bill and Brooke slept together. Katie does not think that is true.

Caroline and her friend look at her designs. Carter is with them and the two look at the opening titles for Room8. It has a bunch of scenes with Carter and Maya. Caroline does not think this is very sexy. Caroline is disopointed. Her friend explains that this is just the opening credits. Carter brings up there is a shirtless scene in the first episode. Caroline is upset that there is just one scene. Caroline demands to get them naked and together.

Katie wants to know what is wrong with Taylor. Katie does not believe what Taylor is saying and thinks that Taylor has serious issues. Katie thinks that Taylor is living with delusions. Katie demands to have Eric take her away. Eric thinks Katie is right. Taylor says no because Taylor wants to know how else Brooke could have become pregnant.

Caroline looks at the script and explains that the two characters are only smiling at each other. She believes they need to feel sexual tension. Caroline wants the two of them to touch each other. Her friend does not think that sounds good at all. Caroline looks at the script and sees Maya is only in a bathrobe and wants her in less than that. Caroline wants some steamy hot stuff filled with fantasy.

Hope explains that Brooke is not pregnant. Brooke tells her she is not. Katie asks if Taylor has been drinking. Taylor says no. Katie thinks that Taylor hates them all and tells her she is not her friend. Bill tries to go after her but Rick stops her. Taylor tells Katie that Brooke lost the baby. Taylor demands that Katie ask Brooke if she lost the baby.

Caroline asks about what her friends thinks about the changes. Caroline beleives that if they have fantasies it will be interesting. Caroline wants to insert the fantasies in the already existing script. Caroline describes the scene in her head and acts out the characters. Caroline continues to mix up the characters from the actual people. Caroline's fantasy appears to be something she would like. Her friend looks at her like she actually has a few good ideas. Caroline tells her friend to write this stuff down because its good.

Donna tells Taylor to knock it off. Katie thinks this is impossible and disgusting. Taylor asks if she is afraid to ask her. Bill demands that Eric get her out. Katie cannot believe that Taylor is doing this. Katie tells her she made an error having her for therapy. Katie demands for her to leave. Katie thinks this is a new low. Taylor thinks a new low is when she was in the hospital and Brooke slept with Bill. Katie does not believe. Taylor tells her it is the truth. Katie tells Brooke she does not have to say anything because what she is saying is disgusting and she is lying. Katie asks for Brooke to say she is lying and she will believe her. Katie begs for her to say she is lying.

Caroline wants to add a boyfriend to the mix and name him Rock. Caroline continues to explain the motivation of the characters. Her friend likes it. Carter comes back and wants to focus on the show again. Caroline tells him the show will be a huge sucess. Carter gets told the story for the show. Caroline smiles while she listens. Carter nods and smiles as he hears.

Katie thinks Taylor is crazy. Katie knows none of that happened. Katie asks Brooke to say it. Brooke cries and turns around and walks away. Bill tries to say something but Katie slaps him across the face. Hope asks if this is true. Katie demands that Taylor leave along with everyone else. Katie is left with Bill and Brooke. Katie does not want to hear it out of either one of them. Katie cannot believe what she was told. She thinks that the two of them are sick. Katie cannot believe she spent her whole life not knowing who Brooke was. Katie wants to know how they could do this to her.

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