B&B Wednesday Update 6/26/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/26/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie wants to know what Brooke and Donna were talking about. Brooke and Donna look at each other freaked out.

Eric thinks that Taylor should be upset however Taylor feels perfectly fine about everything. Taylor is even throwing a party just to throw one and she feels so good she is going to invite Brooke possibly.

Brooke tries to change the subject but Katie persists. Katie really wants to know. Brooke claims that there is nothing she needs to know. Katie thinks it is about the party. Donna lies and says it is. Katie says that she is having a party and she will plan everything. Brooke says ok as Katie pushes her out the door so she can work on it.

Eric is shocked that Taylor is considering inviting Brooke to a party. Taylor thinks it is the right thing to do because of Eric and Brooke being so close. Taylor believes that it will be a great way to celebrate with the family. Eric gets a text from Thorne. Taylor says she will wait for him.

Katie knew that Brooke would take over her birthday party. Donna does not think that Brooke wants any surprises. Katie tells Donna that she invited Eric and Taylor to the party. Donna does not know how well that will happen.

Brooke finds Taylor in the office and asks if she needs anything. Taylor says she is fine. Taylor asks how Katie is doing. Brooke explains she is fine. Taylor believes that she did want to help her sister. Brooke says she is to tired to get into what is wrong with that. Taylor asks about the man in Brooke's life.

Katie does not want Brooke upset over Taylor about the party. Donna does not think that would upset her because it is a given that Eric would bring Taylor. Katie does not anything to go wrong. Katie wants people to see that the three of them love each other. Katie wants to honor Stephanie by having them all love each other.

Eric looks at a magazine and is reminded of Brooke trying to recreate their honeymoon. Pam finds Eric and gives her a lemon bar. Pam wants to know about him and Taylor. Eric says everything is fine.

Brooke does not feel comfortable talking about the man because she is no longer seeing the man. Taylor thinks that is unfortunate. Brooke just did not think that things worked out. Taylor says she is sorry for asking. She also is sorry for accusing her for things that were not fair. Brooke thinks that Taylor can just put that behind her. Taylor is just happy she is wrong this time and Brooke can accept her apology. Brooke smiles.

Taylor talks with a party planner and asks what a bubble party is. Taylor does not think that would be something she would like. Taylor would want to do a tent. The guy says that he just did one for Brooke Logan. The guy says he had to duplicate her wedding night in palm springs. Taylor says that is when she got married to Eric. Taylor is shocked and confused.

Katie talks to a party planner and they look at pictures of the three sisters.

Brooke looks at a clothing design. Donna runs in and explains she does not want Pam to know she is back because Pam want to go to a work out class. Donna explains that Katie is bringing Eric and Taylor to Brooke's birthday. Brooke thinks it could be decent and that she is possibly finally off of hee back.

Eric comes back and asks how her meeting went. Taylor said she learned some stuff. Taylor asks Eric if there is something going on between him and Brooke.

Brooke thinks it is sweet of Katie but she does not deserve it. She thinks the scheme of it is ironic and she was a terrible person to Katie. Donna tells Brooke that Katie will never find out anything and it will kill her. She tells her that she can never know.

Katie tells the party planner that about her wedding and she sees a picture of Brooke and Bill and thinks it is cute.

Taylor explains that she knows about the tent that Brooke worked out with her wedding in Palm Springs. Eric explains that nothing happened between them and he did not mention it because he knew nothing would happen. Taylor asks if he was covering. Taylor demands to know.

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