B&B Tuesday Update 6/25/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/25/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke does not understand what happened with Hope. Hope just does not think it worked out that way and knows that Brooke already knows. Brooke had high hopes. Hope wondered what Liam said. Brooke wonders why Hope would tell Liam to leave. Hope says that she wants to know that Liam is only committed to her and when he is she will be the first to know.

Bill ask why Liam is not trying to get back with Steffy. Liam says she gave him back the wedding ring. Bill says so has Katie twice. Liam tells Bill to chill down just like he told Brooke. Bill makes Liam remember that he feels to strong about Steffy to be with Hope.

Donna and Katie play with the baby. Katie and Donna joke about Bill and Katie explains they are throwing Brooke a birthday party. Donna looks shocked and asks about the party. Katie thinks it will be a good thing or all the Logan girls. Katie wonders what is keeping Brooke right now. Katie talks about Hope and Liam and the cabin. Katie does not think that Steffy should have left. Donna is shocked to hear that after everything. Donna wonders what Katie knows that Liam does not.

Liam does not care because Steffy left. Bill does not get why Liam is not doing something about it. Bill wants Liam to go to France and get answers. Liam does have answers but he does not want to go. Bill thinks he needs to go before it is to late.

Brooke wants to know what happened at the cabin. Hope explains she does not even know if she believes what happened.

Donna wants an answer about what happened with Steffy. Donna does not care about her secrets because she always finds them out. Katie explains she is so happy that she can respect Brooke and Donna.

Liam wonders what Bill is doing. Bill says he is going to get the jet out. Liam does not want to go to France. Liam understands it is crazy but maybe it is how things are supposed to be. Bill wants to know what happened at the cabin. Liam says nothing happened at all.

Brooke is shocked to hear about Hope getting hit in the head. Hope tells her she got a kiss by a guy who she had just taken a picture of naked. Hope explains everything that happened. Brooke tries to put everything together and Hope says the guy was very sweet. Hope tells her she went back to thank him but she could not find him anywhere. Brooke hopes that Hope does not continue to take pictures of naked men in the woods. Hope promises not too. Hope says she can get along without Brooke while she goes to see Katie.

Donna wonders if Katie would really want to have a big party. Donna asks if Katie will even want Bill to feel out of place. Katie does not think that will happen. Brooke shows up. Katie asks if she is feeling better. Brooke explains she is fine and did not know what happened. Donna makes reference to her knowing. Katie says she has a surprise for Brooke that she is going to love.

Liam wants to show Hope that he can be committed but Bill does not think he can because of Steffy. Liam understands but feels that he needs to try. Liam thinks Hope is perfect and he cannot loose her again.

Hope goes outside and plays on her iPad. She sees the boy from the cabin with her phone from her balcony and smiles.

Brooke talks about Will going to sleep with Donna. Donna tells her that this is not easy to keep the secret from Katie and not to do this next time. Brooke has no intention of there being a next time. Brooke tells Donna to keep her voice down and keep this to herself so Katie does not find out. Katie comes in and asks what.

Liam wants to give Hope what she needs and that she has been waiting and does not want to let her to get away. Bill doubts Hope would ever dump Liam for another guy.

Wyatt asks if this is Hope's phone and Hope asks how he got in. Wyatt explains that he snuck in with the gardeners. Hope wants to know Wyatt's name. Wyatt says he wants to talk over coffee. Hope agrees to it. Hope wants to do one better and she invites him to Rick's 4th of July party. When Wyatt accepts, Hope goes to get an invitation. Hope walks back out and he is walking away. Hope asks what is name is while he is walking away. Wyatt screams his name. Hope smiles and giggles.

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