B&B Monday Update 6/24/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/24/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

The boy Hope took a picture of wakes Hope up who has passed out. The boy gives her CPR and she wakes up. The boy smiles.

Liam looks at pictures of Hope on his phone and Brooke comes to see him. Brooke says she was surprised to hear this. Brooke wants to know why.

Maya is so happy that she got an audition. Rick tells her he is happy or her and to do it.

Caroline sits in the green room and tells her friend that she is so happy to have a friend again. Caroline tells him that Maya is eager and that the chemistry with Carter is there. Caroline thinks this is the best solution. Caroline thinks her friend should be happy that she found a star for him and everyone wins. Caroline knows it will.

The boy smiles as Hope wakes up. He picks up Hope and walks her down a road.

Rick says Maya looks great. Maya asks for a kiss for luck. Rick asks what she wants to do to celebrate later. Maya tells him that she really wants this job but does not need it because she likes her life as it is.

Caroline knows this girl will work and tells her friend to work this out. He explains that he will help her as much as she can but that he is treating this like business.

Liam tells Brooke that they decided it would be better if Liam just left.

The boy puts Hope on her couch at the cabin and Hope wakes up again and is smiling.

Caroline walks into Rick's office and Caroline thinks the drawings look good. Rick says they are and her drawings are great but he met someone else. Caroline asks where she went. Rick tells her that she got an audition. Caroline explains that she hopes that Caroline gets the role.

A girl auditions and does terrible and is mad when she does not get the role. Maya shows up for her audition and sees Carter. Carter is happy to see her. Maya loves that he is also an actor and congratulates him on his role. Carter thinks this is fate.

Brooke wonders why Hope would ask him to leave if Hope wanted to be around Liam so bad. Brooke tells Liam that Steffy is gone. Liam wants to do things on his own. Brooke thinks Steffy is the past Hope is the future.

Hope wants to know what happened. The boy says she took a picture of him and she ran and fell. Hope notes that he kissed her and asks why. The boy explains it felt like a plan at the time. The boy asks she always spies on naked strangers. Hope laughs.

Maya is a given a description of the show and how to do the part. Maya and Carter go over the lease and Maya does a great job. The two go on about something in the show.

Liam says that his wife is possibly gone forever and it might take a minute to get things together. Brooke wants Hope and Liam to be together and Brooke knows that Hope waited a long time and if a guy comes along does Liam think Hope will wait. Brooke thinks that if Liam knows what is right he will trust what Steffy said.

Hope tells him she was just on a walk. Hope says she needed a picture to prove it. The boy says he does not want it ending up on the internet. Hope thinks this whole situation and that stuff like this does not happen to her.

Maya is offered the job and is very excited. She thanks the producer. Maya asks Carter if that all really just happened. Carter congratulates him and Maya cannot wait to go tell Rick. The producer calls up Caroline.

Caroline says she can let her phone go to voice male but Rick walks off. The producer explains that she got the job and she was right they had chemistry. Caroline hangs up. Rick thinks that she looks pleased. Caroline says she is getting there.

Liam texts Hope to call.

Hope thanks the boy. Hope asks if the boy needs anything he can have it from the cabin. Hope says it was nice to meet her. He says it was very nice and kisses Hope. He smiles and walks off. Hope closes the door and smiles.

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