B&B Wednesday Update 6/19/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/19/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope explains to Brooke that Steffy left town and Liam. Brooke wants to know what happened and if they had an argument or something. Hope has a flashback to Steffy telling her. Hope thinks it has to do with the guilt of losing the child and that Liam was going to come back to her.

Liam explains to Thomas it was Steffy's choice and he did nothing wrong. Liam had no choice but to give up on the relationship.

Maya wakes up next to Rick and Maya asks how long Rick has been up. Rick says he was not up for very long. Maya and Rick think that last night was incredible. The two kiss each other. Rick says he meant everything he said last night and Maya explains so did she. The two smile at each other. Maya does not have anything she has to do today. Rick tells Maya that he is going to text Pam that he is not going in today. Maya wonders what he is going to do today. Rick explains that he will make her breakfast. The two kiss again.

Hope says that Steffy wanted Hope to take care of Liam. Hope says that Liam is shocked and he was not prepared for this. Brooke does not think it is easy to lose a child. Hope feels bad that Steffy finally admited that she was only with Liam because of the baby. Hope does not want to rush things but she does have another chance.

Liam explans to Thomas that Steffy gave her blessing for her to go back to Hope. Thomas thinks this is crazy. Thomas says Steffy does not feel well and maybe she needs time. Liam tells him that they both know Steffy and when she says something she does it so she is gone.

Brooke makes reservations on the phone for Hope and Liam and tells Hope that it is a suprise and a car will be waiting for them down stairs. Hope asks what she is up to. Brooke says she does not have a wedding planned right now. Hope asks if she should be worried. Brooke says no but that it will help the two of them get along. Hope does not want to rush things at all. Brooke tells her just to go and have fun. Hope thanks her and cannot believe she finally has another chance.

Maya tells Rick not to spoil her because she could get used to this. Maya says that she is starting to like Rick just as much as the waiter he pretended to be.

Thomas tells Liam not to give up on Steffy. Liam explains they were married and she does not have the right to do what she did and she did not even make sense. Thomas tells him that she will come back. Liam says that she had no intention to ever come back. Thomas asks Liam to give her a little more time. Hope walks in and Liam tells her that he was catching Thomas up. Thomas leaves. Hope says to clear his scheadule because they have a car waiting for the. Liam wonders if this is a joke. Hope says that Brooke set it up. Liam does not want to get hooked up with something from Brooke. Hope convinces him.

Katie finds Brooke and the two talk about Steffy. Katie explains more is going on then anyone knows.

Maya thanks Rick for breakfast. Rick thinks the two of them make a great team and Maya has already been through so much getting through the crazy Bill. Maya is sorry she almost gave up on them. Rick says he has something for her to show he is happy that she is part of his life. Maya opens it and it is a diamond necklass and it was his Grandmothers. Rick puts it on her and Maya smiles. Rick thinks it looks beautiful. Maya loves it. Rick loves Maya and the two kiss passionatly. Rick and Maya smile at each other.

Brooke thinks it is always something with Steffy. Katie says it was not a manipulation. Brooke wants to know what is really going on. Katie says that Steffy cannot have anymore children and she will never be able to concieve again. Brooke puts two and two together. Katie says that Steffy did not want anyone to know about this. Brooke thinks that this is the best thing for everyone.

Maya says she has never had anything like this. Rick thinks it is time she did. Rick believes she is strong and beautiful and she diserves more than this. Rick wants them to be together. Maya kisses Rick.

Hope and Liam end up at Stephanie and Eric's cabin. Hope thinks this is a great place. Liam wonders if Hope knows about any suprises. Hope says she does not know anything. Hope thinks this was just for the two of them to relax. Liam thinks this is a good thing.

Brooke knows Katie wants honesty but Steffy did ask for her not to say anything. Brooke thinks that Steffy would never have been married if they did not have the pregnancy. Brooke explains she sent the two of them to the cabin. Katie is not happy. Brooke thinks it is perfect.

Liam walks around outside in the forest. Liam has a flashback to Steffy ending the relationship and Hope telling him that they can have the life they wanted. Hope finds Liam and Liam spots Hope. Liam smiles at Hope.

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