B&B Tuesday Update 6/18/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/18/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Rick thinks he has Bill's attention. Maya explains that jail is not fun. Rick knows that this is crazy because Caroline wanted to be with Rick.

Caroline crumbles up a design and throws it on the ground. Carter decides to come back later. Caroline wants to talk now. Carter was not looking for her.

Katie calls Brooke telling her to call her when she is ready.

Brooke explains to Donna and Eric that she just paniced. Donna explains this cannot be good for the baby. Brooke explains she lost the baby due to the stress. Eric explains he is so sorry. Brooke says it is ok. Brooke says that it was not just a problem but it became something else because she was excited to have another baby. Donna hugs Brooke.

Carter wants to know if something is going on. Caroline say she does not want to talk about it. Caroline thinks Maya is an ex con.

Bill does not think remours is his thing. Bill believes that Rick and Caroline are a good fit. Rick wants to make a merger with Maya and not Caroline. Bill explains that he is the president of a company and Caroline has a name that comes with respect and it will help his legacy. Rick thinks that he should know what the right woman can do for a man. Rick makes Bill understand to leave Maya alone. Rick opens the door. Bill walks out. Bill explains he gives him a point for creativity and walks out. Rick is happy that it is over. Rick and Maya kiss and smile.

Donna is shocked that Brooke was going to tell Bill and Katie. Donna thinks that it is a godsent and she knows that it is sad but thank goodness because everything would be different because it could not be taken back.

Bill shows up and kisses Katie. The two kiss passionatly. Bill tells Katie not to ask how his day way. The two continue to kiss passionatly.

Caroline does not think she is the bad person. Caroline tells Carter that Rick and Maya are back on. Caroline does not think that what Maya did was her fault. Carter does not think this is the case. Caroline thinks she has never done anything wrong. People find Caroline intimidating because she of her power. Caroline does not think that Rick should be with Maya because she cares about Rick and Carter should not give up on Maya either.

Rick and Maya go back to Rick's house and says that he has no intention of ever seeing another jail cell ever. Maya explains that she was worried she could mess up Rick's life. Rick tells Maya that he would do anything fo her. Maya thinks Rick is incredible for not doing anything to her. Maya thanks Rick. The two kiss passionatly.

Donna does not think that there is any reasont to tell anyone. Brooke says she did not but she intended to because Bill and Katie were so happy. Brooke explains that the two were so concerened about about her. Eric says she was right to tell the truth but not she has nothing to hide. Donna says she is sorry.

Bill explains that Rick is making a really bad choice. Katie says Caroline does not need Bill fixing her life. Bill believes that when Karen is happy Bill is happy. Bill wants to keep it that way.

Carter can't believe that Caroline is saying these things. Caroline does not think anything is over.

Rick says Maya amazes him and he is completly blown away. Rick thinks that Maya just becomes stronger and stronger. He sees how Maya presents herself to the world. Rick tells Maya that she knows how he feels about her. Maya explains she is absolutly crazy in love with him, Rick pick's Maya up and twirls her around.

Brooke will not add Katie to the list of people she has given pain to. Donna thinks everyone wants the same thing for Brooke. Brooke does not want anyone to know about this and Brooke asks Eric not to tell anyone.

Katie wonders if Brooke is mad because Bill was medling in Rick's life. Katie wants to talk to Brooke but Brooke will not call back. Bill thinks they should put off the dance lessons so they can get through this. Katie kisses Bill and he kisses back.

Caroline does not think this will last with Maya.

Rick and Maya go into bed together and Rick kisses Maya passionatly and Rick starts to undress Maya and they ccontinue to kiss passionately.

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