B&B Monday Update 6/17/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/17/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam and Hope look at each other and Liam explains that everything is changing so fast. Hope knows. Liam say he cannot believe that Steffy is just gone. Hope thinks this Steffy's gift for the life he chose.

Caroline looks at her phone and Bill comes in and asks what is wrong. Caroline is mad that Bill blackmailed Maya because Rick ended up dumping her.

Maya explains that Bill was very intimidating and kept talking about making his sister and niece happy. Rick thinks this is classic Bill but this time he is not going to get away with it.

Hope explains to Liam that he chose a life with her a long time ago but now Steffy has given them there blessing. Liam does not think that this makes sense. Hope agrees things feel weird but one day Liam will know why things worked out.

Caroline believes that things need to be fixed. Bill explainst that when the picture is shown in court she will go back to jail. Rick calls him and tells him he needs to see him right away. Bill explains he is at Forrester. Rick explains he is on the way. Rick tells Maya no more threats or bullying because the two of them are together. Rick welcomes Maya back. The two kiss and smile.

Liam is glad that Hope came by. Liam explains that Hope is his best friend in the world and that is exactly what he needed. Hope says that he was blind sided and Liam needs time. Hope knows one day he will accept it and she can wait. Liam thought they ran out of chances. Hope explains they always knew it would happen and after Liam gets himself together things will work out and they will have the life they wanted.

Rick says that he is at the photo studio and he will see Bill soon.

Caroline plays on her phone and Maya comes in wanting to talk. Maya explains that she wants to come to an agreement. Caroline does not want her at Forrester at all. Caroline explains she did not know that Bill was black mailing her but if she had known she would not care. Caroline believes that Rick is hers and Maya should go play with Carter. Maya explains that Rick and her are together because they both want it and Caroline needs to accept it. Caroline will never allow that to happen. Caroline will send her back to jail herself before she accepts it.

Rick waits for Bill who walks in and Bill asks what the prop is for. Rick explains it was a way for Caroline to stick it to Maya and his black mail is going to stop right now.

Maya thinks that Caroline is crazy. Caroline believes that Amber and Maya are trainwrecks that he gets attracted to. Caroline does not think that Maya knows nothing about fashion. Maya does not care and explains that neither Caroline or Bill get a choice in who Rick chooses.

Rick does not understand why Bill who is rich and has everything would want to manipulate Caroline's personal life. Rick explains that he does not care about Maya's past and he can take Caroline's job at anytime. Bill explains that he does not care about Maya but Caroline. Rick wants Bill's word that he will leave Maya alone.

Hope is not trying to push Liam she wants to get to know Liam again. Liam knows that he has hurt Hope. Hope explains she has made mistakes as well. Hope thinks they need to rebuild and reconect. Liam wonders if they can really do that. Hope thinks that they can. Hope believes that they can work as a couple and she is ready to wait until she he is ready.

Caroline believes that Maya underestimates her. Maya just thinks she is superficial or rude. Caroline explains she is from New York that is the reason she comes off as Rude. Caroline gets to be the way she is because she worked for it. Maya thinks this is pointless because nothing is happening. Caroline tells Maya that she is not giving up.

Hope has never been more excited about there future and they already have a foundation after all they have been through. Hope cannot wait to live the rest of her life with him. Hope kisses Liam.

Bill likes Caroline's idea for the photoshoot. Rick does not believe that Caroline should be playing with people's lives. Bill explains that he is going to do what he wants. Maya walks in. Bill explains that Caroline had a good idea with the cell. Bill refuses to change his mind. Rick locks the jail cell and explains this is what it is like to be in Maya's world and he is not letting him go until he says sorry to Maya.

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