B&B Wednesday Update 6/12/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/12/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope wants to know why Steffy is doing this. Steffy has flashbacks leading up to the events. Steffy explains she waited for Liam and not to answer a lot of questions. Hope wonders what she can give her that Steffy cannot.

Liam knows that something is wrong with Katie. Katie believes that Liam should talk to Steffy. Liam explains that he would talk to her if she would just come home.

Justin confirms with Bill that Brooke is out of the hospital and wonders what went wrong. Bill claims he has no clue. Justin sees the picture of Maya and Jesse. Bill explains he plans to erase that. Justin thinks that Bill is such a great uncle. Justin wonders why Caroline does not want to be a part of the buisness. Bill does not know. Justin explains Caroline is waiting for him.

Rick walks in on Maya and and Maya has flash backs to Bill. Rick keeps looking at Maya and has flash backs to the time before Maya knew who Rick was. Maya sees Rick and Rick smiles at her.

Caroline tells Bill that Maya ended things with Rick. Caroline explains she did not see that coming and wonders what happened. Bill says don't worry about it.

Rick wants to talk to Maya but Maya does not want to talk. Taylor, Thomas, and Oliver walk in showing Taylor the concept for the shoot which is a jail cell. Rick wants to know who thought this one up. Oliver explains it was Caroline. Maya blurts out of course it was.

Liam explains to Katie that Steffy just cannot get over the baby. Liam cries and explains that he does not want Steffy to beat herself up. Katie explains she just wanted a child. Liam says so did he.

Hope tells Steffy she does not look ok. Hope does not believe that Steffy should leave the country or end her marraige in the state she is in.

Caroline knows things would have ended eventually with Maya and Rick. Bill wonders what she saw in Rick. Caroline explains he is sexy and powerful. Bill thinks that is him. Caroline knows they are perfect and today is a specail day for them.

Rick tells Maya that she does not have to do anything she does not want to do. Thomas explains that he wants the models to strong and confident. Oliver takes the pictures and Maya is not very happy but she does it.

Liam wonders what Steffy was like after he left yesterday. Katie explains about the same as it was. Liam wants to know what is going to happen if not coming home. He is worried.

Steffy is supprised that Hope is not on this offer. Hope explains she does not think this makes sense. Steffy explains that he needs more than she can give him and Hope will do it for him. Steffy knows this now. Steffy says she has to go home now. Steffy makes Hope promise her she will do it. Steffy hugs Hope and begs her to take care of him and love him because they will have a beautiful life with children. Steffy leaves and cries outside the door.

Oliver tells Maya to stay with it while she is in the shoot. The other model stands next to Maya and Oliver decides to take a break. Oliver goes to tell Rick that this is not working with Maya. Rick says he is going to go so that Maya is able to work. Maya frowns as Rick leaves.

Steffy comes home and Liam runs over and hugs her. Steffy says she is sorry. Liam wants to know what is wrong. Steffy explains she just wanted to be alone last night. Liam wonders why. Steffy explains she had to do some thinking about the two of them and she has made a choice.

Caroline is pealing a bannana as Rick walks in. Caroline thinks the photoshoot did not go well. Caroline explains that things will go better because she missed him. Every part of her missed him. Caroline explains she knows what to do. Caroline starts to kiss Rick but he stops.

Maya comes to see Bill and wants to know why Bill is doing this. Bill says that family is priority. Bill explains she is threatning Caroline. Maya believes he picked the wrong person to mess with.

Hope looks at a picture of her and Liam.

Liam wants to know what the choice was. Liam explains she just cannot come home. Steffy explains she had so many plans for them about a child maybe three like her mother. Liam says they have a lot of time. Steffy says she does not. Steffy says she is not depressed. Steffy knows that Liam wanted this child and she ruined it for him. She robbed him of something so precious. Steffy explains that Liam is going to have a child. Steffy is just seeing things differently and she needs to make changes. Liam wants to know what. Steffy says she is moving to Paris. Liam is confused. Steffy says she told Hope. Steffy thinks Hope was right all along. Steffy knows that Hope can give him everything that she cannot give him.

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