B&B Tuesday Update 6/11/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/11/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy walks down stairs in the morning still sad over the night before. She has a flashback again knowing that she will never have a baby of her own. Steffy gets a phone call from Liam who asks how she is doing and that he is worried that she didn't come home last night. Steffy says he does not have to worry and that she will be home soon.

Hope tells Katie that she does not know what is going on with Brooke. Katie asks what is up with Hope. Hope explains that she and Liam talked the other day and that they talked about babies. Hope tells Katie about Steffy wanting another baby. Hope thinks it is wrong if they try so early after what happened.

Taylor comes to see Steffy and asks if she is ok. Steffy says she is ok and not to pressure her. Taylor tells Steffy not to do this to Liam.

Thomas asks Liam how things were at the beach. Liam says good. Thomas asks where is Steffy. Liam explains she stayed at the loft. Thomas is shocked and wants to know what is going on. Liam says he has been asking the same question.

Hope wonders if she is wrong about telling Liam to wait to have another baby. Katie does not think so at all. Hope does not think that hurrying up and having another child is not the way to go right now. Hope does not think that Liam even wants another child with Steffy. Hope wants to get hit in the face for saying that. Katie thinks she is probably right and the two will probably have another baby.

Taylor believes that Steffy is still upset over the loss but she needs to move on so they can have another child.

Katie asks if Will is asleep. Hope says he went to sleep right away. Hope says that as much as she does not want to admit it Steffy was happy over the baby and she will have another child one day with someone other than Liam. Hope knows that Steffy will be ok. Hope knows that Liam was going to put the ring back on her finger. Hope thinks this will be good.

Thomas wants to know why Liam did not check on Steffy. Liam says he did not want to upset Steffy. Thomas asks if Liam also wants to have another child.

Taylor tells Steffy she needs to let go of this so she can accept this. Steffy explains some losses are greater than others. Steffy tells Taylor to just stop because things are different. Taylor does not think anything is different. Taylor wants to help her. Steffy wishes she could turn back the clock. Taylor knows but tells her that Liam loves her and cannot wait to have a baby. Steffy knows.

Hope tells Katie that she told Liam to stay with Steffy until she gets better. Hope does not think that Steffy should be using a baby to keep Liam. Katie explains that if anyone should have a future with Liam it is Hope. Hope does not take pleasure in Steffy's misscarraige. She knows both of them will have children one day.

Liam thinks this is personal. Thomas believes this will help them. Liam tells Thomas to back off. Thomas cannot help but wonder if Hope is involved. Liam tells Thomas that he loves her and that Thomas needs to go. Thomas says that Steffy has everything and he wants to believe that Liam diserves her and not to prove him wrong.

Taylor tells Steffy that she understands the paine. Steffy says that Taylor does not understand. Steffy just wanted to give Liam a child. Taylor tells Steffy that she can have as many babies as she wants. Steffy asks if Taylor will always be there for her. Taylor says yes but another person is involved now. Steffy thanks her and wishes she could be just like her. Steffy leaves.

Katie comes over to Liam's asking where Steffy is. Liam explains that Steffy stayed at her loft because she had stuff to do. Liam explains that she did not tell him why. Katie tries to say that she has been through so much. Liam knows but this is heavier and darker. Liam asks if Steffy has said anything to her. Katie explains that she does not know. Katie wonders how Liam feels about having another child. Liam says he does not care and all he cares about is Steffy right now.

Hope finds a picture of her and Liam on her desk and Steffy knocks. Steffy asks if they can talk. Hope asks if she is ok. Steffy tells Hope that there is something she needs to tell her. Hope wants to know why she is doing this. Steffy says she is going to be doing some traveling and she will not be back. Steffy says she is doing it for Liam. Hope is shocked. Steffy says she made this choice on her own and Hope is the first person to know. Steffy asks Hope to take care of Liam. Hope does not think this makes sense. Hope tells her she can do what she herself cannot.

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