B&B Monday Update 6/10/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/10/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Taylor stops at Liam and Steffy's and asks how they are doing. Liam says he is ok and that Steffy is going to be late tonight. Taylor explains that she is just worried about both of them. Taylor is worried that things might not be going well for Liam.

Katie asks Brooke what she wants to tell her and Bill. Katie has troubles breathing. Bill tells Brooke that she needs to calm down. Brooke faints after hyperventilating.

Steffy sits in a ball in her old apartment and has a flashback to getting told she will never have a child on her own.

Liam does not know what to say. Taylor knows it is hard to stay strong for Steffy. Taylor understands that Liam did a lot to prepare for this baby. Taylor wonders if Liam feels let down. She explains it is ok and that Liam needs to let some of these feelings happen right now.

Steffy has a flashback to Liam telling Steffy he is excited to be a father and then Liam playing with Will. Steffy continues to cry.

Bill and Katie try to wake Brooke up. Brooke wakes up and explains she is not ok. Bill decides to take her to the hospital. Katie goes to call the baby nurse to watch Liam. Bill tells Brooke to slow down.

Dr. Mead looks at Brooke and Katie explains what happened. Dr. Mead wants to look at Brooke by himself. Brooke explains she needs to talk to them. Brooke tells the doctor that she is pregnant, so he goes to page Dr. Caspary. Bill walks in when Dr. Mead walks out.

Liam says he is happy to know that Taylor is concerned. Taylor explains that she is happy that Steffy has been maturing. Taylor thinks everything will turn out fine. Liam gets a phone call from Steffy. Steffy tells him that she is going to be later than she thought and that she is probably going to stay the rest of the night. Taylor asks if Steffy is ok. Taylor hopes that Steffy is not isolating herself because Liam is exactly what she needs right now.

Katie wonders what Brooke is trying to tell them.

Dr. Caspary tells Brooke that she has been through enough. Brooke knows though that she has to tell them. Brooke hopes that things turn out ok. Brooke did not think that this would happen though. The doctor explains that Brooke is no longer pregnant -- she had a missed miscarriage. Brooke is not sure how this could be. She is told that something just happened because of her age and other factors. The doctor says she is sorry and that the baby would have been loved and cherished. Brooke thanks her. Brooke rubs her stomach.

Steffy looks at wedding pictures and cries.

Katie and Bill walk in and Katie tells Brooke never to do that to them again. Bill asks how she is feeling. Brooke says she had a panic attack and it happens. Brooke explains she did not have anything to tell them and they do not have a problem anymore. Katie goes to check on the baby. Bill says he will stay to make sure Brooke is ok. Katie says she will see them both later. Bill thinks Brooke was going to tell Katie about them.

Liam explains that he is doing everything that he knows how to do but everything does not seem like enough. Liam does not want Steffy to not be ok. Taylor thinks that Steffy will get through this because she plans on making Liam a father very soon.

Steffy sits on the staircase of the loft and shakes a little bit while she cries. She has a vision of a future in which Liam has a son and two daughters and is playing with them and Hope is the mother. Everyone is happy and they all play with each other and hug each other. Steffy smiles and cries a lot.

Bill tells Brooke to look at him. Bill says they had an agreement because it would hurt Katie and maybe worst. Bill knows that neither of them would want that to happen. Bill knows Brooke would protect Katie at all costs. Bill knows this is his fault because he should have been there for Brooke. Brooke tells Bill that Katie and Will are his main priority. Bill explains that he has feelings for her but he has a wife and child who he loves and what they did was not wrong because nothing came of it and nothing ever will. Bill wants to know one good reason to why Katie should know. Brooke says not anymore and the secret is safe. Brooke cries.

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