B&B Friday Update 6/7/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/7/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Bill and Katie spend time with their baby, and Bill notes how much Will is like both of them. Bill tells Katie that she, he, and Will are going to be a family forever. They share a kiss and Katie looks happy as she leans her head on Bill's shoulder and sighs in content.

Brooke tells Eric that he doesn't mean that and tries to pressure him into saying yes but Eric holds his ground.  Eric tells her he won't be the father of someone's else's child because it's not fair to him and it's not fair to Taylor or anybody. He again tells her to go to Bill. Brooke looks really upset.

Taylor tells Thomas that there isn't one thing she would change about her relationship with Eric. Thomas asks if there really isn't and Taylor says Eric is so loving and devoted and the best part is he's all hers. Thomas says well for once she can relax, because she doesn't have to worry about Brooke stealing him away from her. Thomas says that Brooke is always causing problems no matter what is going on. He says now she has ruined her own press conference. Taylor tells him not to worry about it as the Logans can't do anything to bring them down. Thomas says well she's costing them a lot of money. Rick enters and rudely tells Thomas to stop whining over the fact that Eric went with Brooke's plan instead of his. He tells him to get used to it, because Eric will always side with his mother.

Brooke urges Eric to spend the night with her to remind him of what they could have. Eric says no but Brooke tells him he will change his mind when he holds the baby for the first time. She says again that they can be a family. Eric looks tired. Brooke tells Eric that this baby could be there's. She tells him she knows he would love this child as if it were his own. Eric says no and says again that he won't do it. He tells her he can't fix this for her. He tells her he will be there for her every step of the way but he won't raise this baby as his father. Brooke looks broken at his decision.

Rick says that his parents are closer than ever recently. Taylor says that she knows that Eric and Brooke will always have a certain degree of closeness but says that Eric mostly feels like he has to protect her because Brooke demands that of him. Rick says that his mother is the most independent woman that he knows. Taylor says no, not if she doesn't have a man on her arm. Taylor says she can't stand on her own two feet when she's alone. Rick tells Taylor she's biased. Thomas stands up for his mother and tells Rick considering what Brooke put her through with regards to Ridge, Taylor can say whatever she wants. Taylor says it's okay and says she only felt insecure in her relationship with Eric when he let Brooke re-launch the Bedroom line but seeing how Brooke won't even model her own lingerie Taylor says she doubts Eric will ever do another favor for her.

Katie tells Bill that she just keeps thinking how lucky she is to have Will after everything that Liam and Steffy are going through. Bill says yea but says they are going to be okay they just have to give them their support. Bill gives Katie a present that he says is going to ruin his reputation and could be the biggest mistake of his life. Katie laughs as she begins to open it. Eric tells Brooke if she lies about this then it will follow her for years. Brooke says she will sacrifice her happiness if it means protecting her family. Eric tells Brooke to tell the truth and tells her that is the only choice she has. Brooke doesn't look happy at that.

Brooke asks Eric how she can put this on Katie when she is so burdened already. Eric tells her to tell the truth and provide her justification to Katie that she thought Bill and her marriage was over before she slept with Bill. Brooke says she's still going to be heartbroken and upset. Eric says that she would never have slept with Bill if she didn't love him. Brooke doesn't listen to him and Eric, finally having enough says that he's not doing it. He tells her this whole plan she has made around him will not happen. He tells her she has to go to Bill and that he deserves to know the truth. Brooke says okay. She says she has to tell Bill and she's going to tell him tonight.

Rick says that they are talking about his dad like he's some kind of weak moron. He defends his mother and says Eric cares about her and is a smart man and that is why he chose to support Brooke's bedroom. Thomas gets annoyed and says Rick still hasn't explained why Brooke chose to back off from her own line by refusing to wear the lingerie she said she would. He asks Rick why and finding him silent Thomas says he can't explain it can he? Rick remains silent.

Katie finds a pass for “Dance the Night Away,” and squeals that she has been wanting to do this with Bill for so long. Bill says she's only asked him about a thousand times. Katie says he always says he doesn't dance though and Bill proves he doesn't with bad dancing moves. Katie laughs and kisses him happy that he's still willing to do this for her. Will cries and Katie says duty calls and picks up Will before Bill starts dancing with Katie. Just then Brooke arrives and finds them happy. Brooke is seen and Katie unsuspectingly calls Brooke in to spend time with them.

Eric comes back the office and catches up with Taylor before asking her to stay with him forever. He tells Taylor that everything with her is effortless, and she brings him comfort and joy, passion, energy. He says that's what she is and that is what they are together. Taylor tells Eric she loves him, and they share a kiss before Eric tells her he loves her, too.

Katie picks up that something is wrong with Brooke and asks her what it is. Brooke struggles to find words and has a panic attack as Bill and Katie wait to hear what she has to say to them.

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