B&B Thursday Update 6/6/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 6/6/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Eric is stunned at Brooke's reaction of their honeymoon. He tells her that she hasn't forgotten any detail. Brooke says she's not the one that has forgotten anything. Eric says he hasn't forgotten but he's with Taylor now and he can't forget that either. Brooke looks a little bummed at his words.

As Taylor looks at a photo of her and Eric, Thomas enters the office. He sees how happy she is and says Eric really makes her happy. He asks about Steffy and Taylor tells him that she wanted to have tonight alone with Liam. She says that as soon as she can, Steffy wants to try having another baby.

Steffy brokenly says to herself that she can't have a baby. Katie says there are changes in medicine all the time but Steffy says she can't have a baby of her own. Steffy's phone rings and it's Liam. Steffy tells Liam she is going to be out late and tells him not to wait up for her. Katie asks why she said that and Steffy says she can't face Liam. She asks Katie to take her to her apartment.

Hope arrives in Liam's office to give him new promos to her line. When she learns Steffy told him she'd be out late she is pleased to know Liam doesn't have to leave. She tells him she has nowhere to be at the moment either. Liam smiles at her.

Katie suggests that if Steffy can't face Liam then she should call her mom. Steffy says no and asks to be taken to her condo. Katie sighs and tells Steffy that every medical procedure has risks and she had an abnormal reaction. She tells Steffy she didn't do anything wrong and Liam will understand but she has to talk to him. Steffy says she just wants to be alone and Katie says okay.

Hope talks to Liam about how hard he has it now and how things will get better. Brooke tells Eric that she didn't set all of what she did up just to talk about Taylor. Eric says she's not exactly being subtle and says that's not her style is it. Brooke says that wasn't his style when it came to her either. She says she made him impulsive and awakened his passion. She says at some point the even called her his inspiration. Eric says she remembers that and Brooke says memories and feelings are never forgotten.

Katie takes Steffy to her apartment and Steffy tells her she can leave now. Katie sits down and says she's not going anywhere. Steffy says she doesn't need a babysitter, but Katie tells her she knows how she feels. She says she had the same feelings after Will was born, and she made a huge mistake because of those feelings which was possibly the biggest mistake of her life. Steffy says it's not the same, Katie still had a baby and she can't. Thomas and Taylor talk about Brooke's refusal to model her own lingerie and wonder about her anxiety issues. Thomas asks about the new man in Brooke's life and if Eric says he knows anything. Taylor says why would he, Eric has no interest in Brooke's love life.

Eric tells Brooke that he won't be able to do what she wants. Brooke says she wants him, she wants a father for her child and a marriage. She says she wants to be with him because he excites her. Eric says the way he used to. Brooke asks what she has to do to convince him. She tells him whatever they wanted back then they can have it now. She says they can have it all and wraps her arms around his neck.

Hope talks to Liam about his disappointment about nor being a father yet. She tells him he will be one, one day and he's going to be a great one. Liam sighs and Hope tells him he doesn't have to rush into it. She asks him if he's sure that is what he really wants and Liam looks unsure. Katie tells Steffy that she needs to go home but Steffy says she can't face Liam when they spent all this time preparing for something that's never going to happen. Katie tells her she's not the one she should be having this conversation with. Steffy tells her to leave but Katie says family doesn't bail and tells her she knows she doesn't want to hear this from her but Liam will tell her the same thing. Steffy tells her she's not telling Liam. Katie urges her to and Steffy asks for one night to keep this to herself before she tells.

Eric tells Brooke what she wants is a fantasy. Brooke disagrees and tells him everything that they planned together can happen. She says all he has to do is say yes. Eric stares at Brooke quietly. Steffy cries alone in her apartment as she remembers Liam and her preparing for the baby which will now never come.

Hope tells Liam that if they were having a baby together then she'd feel blessed, and Liam looks touched at her words. Taylor remains blissfully unaware of Eric's recent meetings with Brooke.

Brooke keeps pushing Eric to be with her. She tries everything by seducing him and flattering him and begging him, but Eric pulls away from her kisses and tells her he won't be part of this lie. He tells her she has to go to Bill and tell her she's pregnant. Brooke looks angry and disappointed in Eric.

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