B&B Wednesday Update 6/5/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/5/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie asks the doctor is she should not try right away. Steffy knows that is not what was just said and cries more.

Liam plays with Will on the floor and Bill is angry that he is on the floor. Bill then decides it is ok. Liam asks how Brooke did. Bill said it was ok but not what was advertised because Brooke did not take off her clothes.

Eric gives Brooke some water. Brooke says she is ok. Eric says she is not. Brooke explains she can't deal with this. Brooke tells Eric everything she has already said to Eric. Brooke is worried that everyone will disown her. Eric understands that Brooke is not well. Brooke tries to compair Ridge not being his biological child compaired to her baby not being his. Brooke tries to come up with a way that will work.

Bill explains to Liam that Brooke would have never done what she did unless things change. Bill finds a stapler on the ground wants to know why Liam had a stapler near Will. Bill thinks that Liam is using Will as practice for being a dad.

Katie asks if the pills are because Steffy is sick. Steffy refuses to believe that she is not going to have a child and says she does not hear it.

Brooke asks Eric what if one night Eric and Brooke had feelings one night and that is what happened. Brooke explains that Eric would not have to do anything for the baby or her after that. Eric does not think that is going to work. Eric explains she could have had a life with him. Brooke knows this but she was not wise enough but she thinks she still can. Brooke thinks that everything just went to hell. Eric says he will support her with anything but this. Brooke says will he at least come see her tonight and help her find another way out of this. Taylor comes in and says that she just has to get back into the habbit of knocking. Brooke tells Eric to think about it and leaves.

Katie wants to talk to the surgent. Katie thinks that the surgery was done unproperly. Steffy demands to have a plan in place to make her whole again.

Taylor gives Eric some dinner because she will not be able to have it with him. Taylor explains that she and Thomas are going out tonight. Taylor asks what is going on with Brooke and she heard about what happened at the press conference. Eric explains that it is a long story.

Brooke sets up a dinner that is set up like a time during their past. Brooke tells herself that he will remember.

Bill tells Liam that things do not have to make sense about what happened. Liam asks what about his own life. Liam explains that he would like to be able to be sad.

Steffy asks the surgent and demans to be looked at. Steffy is not going to sue she just wants to know what to tell Liam. The surgent explains that the surgery went well but that things did not go as planned. Steffy believes that they are telling her that this is her fault. Steffy believes that their has to be away to reverse this. The surgent explains that their are a few surgents who will do it. Katie wants a list. The doctors say that it never works though. Steffy tells Katie she just wanted to have kids but she has no idea right now about the rest of her life. Katie hugs Steffy as she cries.

Taylor thanks Eric for making her mind her own buisness. Eric says he wont do anything tonight and Taylor leaves. Eric starts eating the dinner and Eric gets a text message.

Brooke signs for something and smiles.

Liam tells Bill that all Steffy can talk about is trying again. Bill does not know how that is a bad thing. Bill explains that things do change in the body. Liam agrees and he did want to be a father but if he is being honest he does not want to handle that that disapointment again.

Katie wonders what they should do with the list. Steffy knows nothing will happen. Katie says that never is not a word used in medicine. Steffy says it is because no is not a word they like using.

Brooke tells Eric she knew he would come. Eric smiles knowing this is like there honeymoon. Brooke kisses Eric and Eric kisses back

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