B&B Tuesday Update 6/4/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/4/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie panics and tries to get Steffy to wake up.

Rick talks with people at the launch party. Rick goes over to Donna and asks where the cateriors are for the press and investors. Donna explains they are coming. Rick sees Maya with Carter.

Maya explains she is excited but then she sees Bill and explains that she is a bit scared.

Brooke tells Eric that she can't do this with her baby bump. Eric tells Brooke that he will not do this. Brooke explains she needs someone because she needs a father before Katie finds out.

Steffy wakes up and asks what happened. Katie explains she passed out and wants to take her to a doctor. Steffy says she is fine and just needs to sit up. Katie decides that they need to go to the doctor and calls her.

Bill walks over to Brooke and Eric and asks what is going on. Rick asks when Brooke plans to change into her outfit. Brooke tells everyone she is not changing. Thomas explains that she is the spokesperson. Brooke understands but refuses to wear anything from the collection. Rick wants to know what is going on. Bill also does.

Katie and Steffy go to the doctor and Steffy explains she fainted. Steffy says this is the first time she fainted. The doctor decides to run some tests. Katie wants to call Liam but Steffy do not call anyone because she does not anyone freaked out over nothing. The doctor goes to get the tests ready. Katie asks Steffy to please sit down. Steffy does and Katie goes to get her some water. Steffy says thank you. Steffy takes a drink of water. Katie asks how she is doing. Steffy says not ok. katie says that things will be ok and it does not hurt to get checked out. Steffy is worried that something might be wrong. Katie explains that she will deal with it then. The doctor comes to get Steffy for the tests and Katie tells her that she is staying here until the tests are done. Steffy thanks Katie and sits in the wheel chair

Marcus thinks that Carter and Maya are getting close. Carter says he is not and Maya is just afraid of what was going on.

Dayzee asks what happened between Rick and Maya. Maya tells her that the things Dayzee was worrying about was what happened. Dayzee says sorry for that.

Thomas tells Brooke that she has to wear the clothes in the re launch because that is what people are expecting. Brooke thinks they should use models. Thomas is upset that this is happening and thinks Brooke is destroying this. Rick tells her that Thomas is right. Bill tells her that she needs to do it as well. Eric explains they need to let it go and that Brooke will not be modeling. Bill is upset about this. Brooke thanks Eric and explains she does not know if she is ok or how much preasure she can take.

Steffy is shocked that Katie actually waited. Katie says she is stuck with her for the duration. Steffy gets back on the bed. The doctor says she will be back with the results. Steffy thinks this is above and beyond Katie after all that has happened at the hospital. Katie understands how the hopsital can be. Steffy thanks Katie for staying with her. Katie says she really is not that bad. Steffy says maybe she is not either.

Rick tells Maya that she looks beautiful. Rick explains that he needs to talk to her about things. Maya explains nothing has changed and walks away. Thomas and him get things rolling. Bill tells Maya that Maya better watch her step.

Rick presents the brand new Brooke's bedroom.

The models show off different night outfits. Everyone claps and then Brooke comes out and is not wearing the clothes and everyone stops clapping and starts whispering. The press is shocked that she is not wearing her product. They ask if her priorities have changed and if she is trying to hide something. Brooke does not know what to do. Brooke panics. Eric tells everyone that this is over. Eric and Brooke go to the back room and Brooke begs her to just help because she is desperate. Eric hugs Brooke.

Steffy asks if the doctor has good news. Katie wants to go wait outside but Steffy says otherwise. The doctor explains that she is having internal bleeding and she was able to stop it but that she cannot have sex for two weeks. Steffy says that is ok but she will be able to work on having another child. The doctor says she is sorry but she will not be able to have another child. Steffy shed a tear.

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