B&B Monday Update 6/3/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/3/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam plays with Will. Katie thinks that he is good with Will. Steffy agrees that he is good with kids. Katie thinks this might not have been a good idea. Steffy explains that it was. Katie does not know though. Steffy explains that it is just a reminder and there will be a baby soon.

Carter goes over legal stuff with Rick but Rick is not paying attention. Carter wonders if this has to do with Brooke's bedroom launch. Rick asks if something is going on with Maya and he would like to know now.

Maya shows up at Bill's office to explain the blackmail he is trying to do will not work.

Steffy and Liam talk to Will and joke about what they talk about with the baby. Katie thinks they will be close. Steffy knows they already are because Liam is going to be a great father.

Rick pleads with Carter not to make any moves on Maya because she is the only one for him. Rick cannot understand what happened. Rick needs to figure out what happened.

Maya explains that she was photographed in a club and she knows that Allison is the one who took it. Maya explains that the conversation she was having was inocent. Bill explains that it looks like she was hanging around someone she was not supposed to. Bill tells Maya that unless she stays away from Rick and Caroline that she will end up getting sent back to jail.

Liam asks to take Will for a drive. Katie asks where he is going to go. Liam says to Bill's office. katie says he is ok with that. Steffy explains that is what she has to look forward to. Katie says don't get a head of herself.

Bill explains that they have a scandall here because Rick Forrester's girlfriend being sent to jail would sell magazines. Maya refuses to be bullied by Bill. Bill tells her that she is not getting bullied. Bill tells her that all is doing is making sure certain things happen. Bill tells her to stay away from Rick or suffer the consiquences.

Rick looks at pictures of Maya. Caroline comes in and explains he is the talk of the building. Caroline thanks Rick for leaving Maya. Rick says that Maya broke things off.

Bill is happy to see Will. Bill grabs Will and feeds him. Liam wonders what is wrong. Bill explains that she just had a miscomunication.

Katie says not to rush into anything. Katie asks if she has even talked to Liam about this. Steffy says yes because they were happy. Katie explains that they may have been happy but they were only together because she was pregnant. Katie asks if Steffy and Liam have talked about Hope.

Carter boxes a little bit and then walks over to Maya and asks if she is still figuring things out. Maya explains she is. Carter tells her that he talked about this with Rick and Rick says that he does not want Carter hitting on her. Cater knows that Rick does not believe that he should be with Caroline.

Caroline is shocked that Maya believed that they should be together. Caroline thinks that Maya felt over whelmed and it had to have been a lot to deal with. Rick believes that Caroline makes an awful lot of sense. Caroline starts kissing Caroline but Rick has a meeting. Rick leaves.

Bill explains that Liam hit a speed bump and they have to get used to it. Bill tells Liam that they can have another child. Liam says that they never tried to have a baby it just happened. Bill tells Liam to stay in the relationship.

Steffy tells Katie that talking about Hope is not needed because they already have to deal with other stuff. Katie understand she did something that she should not have done and she is paying for it. Steffy knows she is ready for another baby now.

Maya walks into Rick's office to find Caroline. Caroline says it is good news that Maya and Rick are no longer an item. Caroline thinks that Maya must be relieved about not having to be someone she is not. Caroline is wondering what was the turning point. Maya says she thinks she is a fish out of water. Caroline is shocked to hear that she finally gets it. Maya explains that she had help with her desicion. Maya explains she is not done with Rick. Caroline tells Maya that she will tell Rick to fire Maya. Maya tells Caroline don't push it because she is not letting anyone run her life.

Bill tells Liam to be there for his wife.

Katie does not think that Liam is ready for another child. Katie tells Steffy that the only reason they got married was because they of the bombshell he dropped at Liam's wedding to Hope. Steffy passes out.

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