B&B Friday Update 5/31/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/31/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Maya is torn about having to let Rick go and asks Pam for Bill's number. Maya learns that Bill is in the building and says she'll call him later. Carter arrives and can tell Maya is upset. He asks her what is going on with her. Maya asks him to forget about what she said to him about Bill. Carter asks if that's it or she needs him to go super lawyer on him but Maya says it isn't even about Bill. She says her past might hurt Rick.

Brooke tells Eric that she can tell how much he wants her. She tells him she's all his. Eric looks lost and confused. Taylor pulls Bill aside at Forrester and tells him she wants to apologize to him at which Bill looks surprised. Bill is rude to Taylor when she tries to apologize and pretends her suspicions were baseless when he really did sleep with Brooke. Taylor still get her apology though and tells him she doesn't need to worry anymore since Brooke has a new man in her life. Bill looks stunned to hear that.

Brooke continues to try and get Eric to give in to her and leave Taylor so that he can raise her baby with her. Brooke tells Eric that Ridge and Stephanie are gone and they are here so they should be together. She tells him to raise this baby with her and be husband and wife and grow old together. Eric tells Brooke he wants to do this with her so badly but he won't because he has already raised another man's child once and that killed him when the truth came out. He tells her to tell Bill the truth and leaves Brooke crying.

Bill asks Taylor if Brooke is really involved with someone and asks who it is. Taylor says she has no idea and says she doesn't care as long as it isn't him. Bill thanks Taylor for the apology before saying he has somewhere he has to be and leaves. Maya talks to Carter about the conditions on her release and how she can't be seen with her ex. She tells Carter that she bumped into him the other night. Carter says it was a chance meeting but she says if someone say her they could still testify. She says if she goes to jail there will be a scandal and that is why she broke it off with Rick. She says if she's going down she's not taking Rick with her.

Eric arrives back at his office and Taylor says she was starting to wonder what was keeping him. Eric looks a little distracted as Taylor hugs him. Bill arrives at Brooke's place. Seeing the romantic set-up he says Taylor was right and there is another man. He says what they shared didn't mean that much to her then. She says not to say that but Bill asks if t here is another explanation for this than the fact that she has moved on.

Carter says so Rick doesn't know why she broke it off with him. Maya says it's safer that way and asks him not to say anything. He tells Maya he won't and tells her how he feels about her. He says he admires her for everything she has overcome and tells her if she was with him then nothing would make him leave her, not even the fear of a scandal. He kisses Maya and tells her to notice the signs.

Pam enters Eric's office and tells Taylor and Eric that she's worried about the Brooke Bedroom Line because Brooke hasn't shown up to any of the lingerie fittings. Taylor is stunned to hear that and wonders why Brooke would give up a chance to parade around in lingerie. Pam says she's holding up the entire line and thinks that Brooke just having cold feet because she isn't that young anymore. She says she's been thinking of a new spokesmodel for the line and takes off her dress to reveal lingerie. She does a catwalk for them and asks them what they think. Taylor says she thinks they should give Pam her own line because it's about time someone other than Brooke ran around Forrester wearing lingerie.

Bill tells Brooke that he still thinks about being with her, but he doesn't want to hurt Katie. He expresses anger at her having told Donna who could easily tell someone else. Brooke says she won't tell anyone and Bill says she better not because he doesn't want to see Katie hurt and he's sure she doesn't want that either. He says he will move on too because he's not about to become one of the many men who have fallen under her (Brooke's) spell.

Maya remembers all her beautiful memories with Rick before phoning Bill. She tells Bill she knows what he did to her, and he rudely hangs up on her. Bill asks Brooke to let him hold her one more time before he returns home to his wife and kid. Brooke hugs Bill tightly and cries at having to let go.

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