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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/30/13


Written By Rachna
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Eric tells Brooke he will not be seduced. Brooke laughs and says if she was trying to seduce him doesn't he think she'd wear something a little more revealing. Brooke tells him to relax but Eric tells her that he can't be the father of her baby. Brooke says Bill can't be the father but Eric points out that Bill is the father. She says he can't be because Katie's life will be ruined. Bill runs into Donna. He says something is going on with Brooke and asks Donna what it is.

Taylor bumps into Katie and asks her how she has been doing. When Katie tells her she has not felt any depression in a while Taylor is happy to hear that. Katie says it was a revelation to her, waking up in the hospital with Brooke and Bill by her side. She tells Taylor she knows she had suspicions about them before but Taylor cuts her off saying she no longer does. But the way Taylor talks about Brooke makes it clear she still does and Katie asks her when she's going to get over accusing Brooke. Bill tells Donna to tell him what she's hiding from him about Brooke. Donna tries to dodge his question but Bill presses on. Eric  tells Brooke that she is trying to use him but Brooke says she's offering him a new life, a future and a family. Eric tells her that that part of their lives is over, and they can't go back to that.

Taylor says she can never completely trust Brooke but she was relieved to learn that Brooke will not be a threat to Katie's marriage. Katie asks how she knows that, and Taylor tells her that Eric told her that Brooke is seeing a new man recently. Katie looks curious at Taylor's words.

Bill tells Donna he's not leaving till she tells him. Donna says she's leaving then but Bill keeps badgering her and annoyed Donna reveals that she knows. When Bill says Brooke is just his sister-in-law she snaps and says she knows he slept with Brooke. Bill looks guilty.

Brooke tells Eric not to say that they can't go back. Eric tells her it's true, they can't. Brooke tells him they have a bond and Eric agrees they do as parents but not as husband as wife. He says again that he will not help her with being a father to Bill's kid. Brooke keeps trying to tell Eric how wonderful their lives together were but Eric reminds her how much she hurt him in the past.

Brooke says things have changed now and there is no one to come between them. Eric says she is interfering between him and Taylor. Brooke says Taylor has nothing to do with this, but Eric sets Brooke straight saying she has everything to do with this. He says Taylor loves him, and he loves her. It's something he's been missing for a very long time in his life, and he is happy. Brooke looks sour and says she could give him so much more than Taylor. Brooke tells him he once told her they would be together forever even though they couldn't be together at that time. She says she still remembers those words and tells him it's not too late for them to still be together.

Katie says it's good for Brooke that she has a new man in her life and says she wonders who it could be. Taylor shrugs and says she just hopes it's the right man. She says Katie may not believe her but she really does want to see Brooke happy. Katie smiles and says maybe she'll find her ideal match like she and Taylor did. She notices Taylor's smile and says Eric and her are really serious aren't they. Taylor says she has not felt this happy and secure in a relationship in her entire life. Katie says she feels the same way about Bill and says she doesn't know why she ever doubted him. She wishes Taylor well with her life with Eric before moving to leave.

Bill blames Katie for what happened between Brooke and him. Donna doesn't believe it's all Katie's fault nor that Bill and Brooke will be able to stay away from each other. She tells Bill that Katie loves him and believes him and if he betrays her. Bill urges that he won't but Donna still looks unconvinced. He tells her he shares a child with Katie and he'd never walk out on his kid. He tells Donna that Katie and him are solid and that she must take this secret about him and Brooke to her grave.

Brooke asks Eric why he's putting up obstacles and says she could make him so happy. Brooke says they were remarkable in the past. Eric tells her that they could be happy but only for a little while, because she'd be constantly yearning for Bill. He says he's been in this situation due to her before, and he won't let it happen again. Brooke doesn't look happy at Eric resisting her so well.

Taylor thinks of her memories with Eric fondly while Bill asks Donna if she is hearing him that no one can ever know about him and Brooke. He says it's history and to leave it there. Donna says Brooke has moved on with her life and that she won't tell Katie. She tells him his secret is safe with her at which Bill looks relieved.  Brooke tells Eric that t his is a second chance for them. She says she knows he still loves her. Eric tells her he does but what they had was not destined to last. Brooke says it wasn't then but it is now. Brooke says she wants to spend the rest of her life with him and their family. She says him and her and Bridget, Rick and this baby.

Eric says it's not his child and never will be. Brooke takes a cheap shot and says Ridge wasn't his child either which makes Eric mad. Brooke says she's sorry but she's just being honest. She says if he can love Ridge that way he can love this baby. She tells him again that she can give him more than Taylor ever could and tells him to let her love him. She says she's not giving up and that she needs him and wants him. She kisses him passionately and Eric responds to the kiss. 

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