B&B Wednesday Update 5/29/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/29/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy refuses to let her marriage die with her baby. She will not allow Hope to be around Liam, and she needs to respect that. Brooke knows that Taylor encouraged the idea of another baby. Taylor tells Brooke that the doctor said it was ok for Steffy to have babies whenever she wants. Taylor thinks that this is a good idea. Brooke knows that the only reason she is pushing this is so Hope cannot have a chance.

Steffy explains to Hope that Liam and she are happy, and they will have a child eventually. Hope knows she wants a baby soon. Hope wonders why Steffy would want a baby so fast after never even wanting a baby before. Steffy explains that her and Liam are a family no matter how many children they have, and Hope needs to understand that. Hope tells Steffy she left Liam and her alone and she knows that things have changed, and Steffy has to agree. Steffy knows what she did was stupid. Steffy thinks Hope is judging her.

Eric asks an employee to get back to him in the afternoon which she agrees too. Eric look at pictures of Brookes line and has flashbacks to him and Brooke kissing.

Taylor says that the reason Steffy wants to have a baby has nothing to do with Hope. Brooke thinks that Hope would back off then. Taylor knows that Steffy wants a baby. Taylor thinks it is a great feeling to be able to expect a baby with the man that she loves.

Steffy knows that Hope is thinking judgment and she knows that Hope wishes Liam would be thinking about it too. Steffy says that Liam is less upset than she is. Steffy knows Hope has talked to Liam. Steffy reminds Hope that Liam's child is dead and to give him space and let him be. Liam walks in.

Donna finds Eric and tells him that Brooke would like to talk to him. Eric explains that he just can't do what she wants but will meet her.

Brooke thinks that it is to soon for Steffy to try again but it is not her business. Brooke wonders if Eric has told Taylor about where he was the other night. Taylor says yes and what ever she said convinced him that Brooke does not like Bill. Taylor asks if Brooke is falling for another man. Brooke says yes she is working on it. Taylor is glad as long as he is not married. Brooke says that is the case.

Donna tells Brooke that Eric said yes but that Eric will not do what she is asking. Brooke needs him to change his mind and needs to protect Katie. Donna wonders if she could find a single man that would be more believable. Brooke thinks that Taylor needs to be distracted and not think it is Bill that is the baby so that Katie is protected. Brooke needs to make it obvious that Eric the father. Donna tells Brooke she better get going.

Hope tells Liam she was about to leave. She tells Steffy she is sorry for what happened. Hope leaves. Liam asks how Steffy is feeling. Steffy tries standing up but is very sore. Steffy thinks it is possibly too much to be coming back to work so soon. Liam says he is sorry. Liam hugs Steffy. Steffy tells Liam to never let go.

Taylor finds Donna and tells her she knows about Brooke liking another man and thank goodness because she is not a threat to Katie's marriage.

Brooke goes to the cabin and gets a red dress out with a smile on her face.

Steffy thinks that things will be ok when Hope stops hovering. She explains that Hope believes that Liam only married her because of the baby. Steffy says the only reason she did not tell Liam at first was because she only wanted Liam to love her for her. Liam explains that what happened was an accident. Steffy knows that Liam is mad. Steffy wants honesty because it will make them stronger and a better couple. Steffy knows Hope is waiting. Steffy thanks Liam for reminding her how much he cares about her. Liam says he does. Liam hugs Steffy.

Hope looks outside.

Donna is shocked to hear Brooke told her about the man she likes. Taylor says not much but she knows he is not married. Donna says she has met him and he is great. Taylor is happy. Taylor does want Brooke to be happy and the two of them happy with other men than Ridge.

Eric goes to see Brooke, knowing she is at the cabin. Eric says the only reason he came was to say he is sorry but he cannot do this. Brooke walks out. Eric says he wishes he could help. Brooke says he will never believe what he has in store for him as she makes him hers.

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