B&B Tuesday Update 5/28/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/28/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Pam gives a lemon bar to Steffy that has a welcome back icing on it. Steffy says dare to take risks with her recipe. Taylor wants to make sure that Steffy is sure that she wants to be back at work. Steffy explains that she needs to be back at work. She tells everyone thank your for their support.

Liam tells an employee that what they did with the layout was terrible. Bill is impressed with him for doing that.

Hope sits in her office and has flashbacks to Liam telling Hope that he cared about Hope like no one else as well as other times in which the two were close. Hope sighs and then smiles. Hope works on sketches and Brooke walks in. Brooke asks if Hope wants to see Steffy. Hope wonders if this means that she is doing better. Brooke says she is pretending too. Hope explains she feels awful and never wanted this but it does change things.

Pam tells a model that they should bake together. Thomas gets her out of it and then the phone rings. Steffy thinks that the model likes Thomas. Thomas does not think that is true. Steffy cannot believe that she put Liam through all of this.

Liam does not want Bill to remind him that he is still married. Bill does not think he should have to remind him. Bill knows that Hope has been around. Liam confirms it. Bill tells Liam to be careful.

Steffy holds her stomach. Dayzee asks if she is doing ok. Steffy says yes and explains that she just wanted to get home to Liam quickly and that is the only reason she went on the bike. Dayzee and Marcus tell her that they are there for her no matter what and for anything. Steffy thanks them.

Hope knows that the only reason that Liam got with Steffy is because of the baby and that it makes sense why Liam did it. Hope knows that Liam wanted to make a family and that even with Bill it helped him and his family life out. Hope thought about having a baby with Liam and then Steffy got pregnant and Liam felt he needed to be there unlike his father. Hope thinks she could possibly give that baby to Liam one day.

Bill tells Liam that he wanted to be married to Steffy unlike with Amber who he had no interest in marrying her when she was trying to pass off her baby as his. Liam explains that they are going to try to have another baby. Bill thinks that this is a good thing and it will help with Liam's recovery. Liam says he wants to feel sure before he has another child. Bill thinks it is a bit late to be questioning this. Liam knows but he wants a mother for his child that can show morals to the child. Bill does not think that Hope will want an adventure once she has children and Steffy is into having a good time. Bill does not think Steffy should be blamed for being who she is a Spencer.

Steffy does not think she is a hero. Thomas tells her no one blames her. Steffy knows she could have stayed at her house and had to see Liam and get away from Hope. Taylor does not think this is true. Steffy does not know what she thinks of herself.

Brooke knows that Hope was robbed of a life with Liam. Hope tells Brooke that Taylor told her that Steffy wants another baby right away. Brooke cannot believe that Taylor would be ok with that right away. Hope thinks Liam does not want that and will eventually choose a different path if he so chooses.

Taylor tells Brooke that she saw Hope leaving and she wants Hope to give Steffy her space. Brooke understands what is going on but thinks that pushing for them to have another baby is crazy and not a good idea.

Liam understands what Bill says but why does he feel that way and wonders why he feels he wants to leave Steffy. Liam thinks that  Hope is still in his heart.

Hope wonders of Steffy is doing. Steffy says she is coping. Hope does not think she should have to go through this. Steffy wonders if Hope plans to stay away. Steffy thinks that Hope is counting the days to when she will go after Liam. Hope tells her she is not doing anything. Steffy tells Hope that if Liam chose her then he is hers. Steffy believes that it was love that brought them together not the baby and now the baby is dead and it is not an opening for Hope. Steffy demands that Hope respect her marriage.

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