B&B Monday Update 5/27/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/27/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill tells Brooke they can't do this. Bill tells Brooke not to kiss him like that. Brooke thinks it is ok because they have a history and they can do it. Brooke explains she will make him happy.

Thomas is happy that Taylor has Eric now. Taylor says she is too. Thomas is glad that Taylor has someone who is dependedent and trustworthy of her. Taylor goes on about how Ridge always loved Brooke as well but Eric does not.

Rick shows up at Maya's house while Allison waits with her threats. Allison tells her that it is over between the two of them if Maya wants to stay out of jail. Allison explains that if Maya is discovered to be around Jesse that she will go back to jail. Maya knows that this is all because of Caroline. Allison tells her to just end it.

Taylor thinks that Stephanie would be shocked at everything. Thomas thinks that Stephanie was all for Brooke at the end. Taylor does not think that Stephanie would ever want Brooke as matriarch.

Brooke tells Eric that she wants to be together. Eric explains that they would be together until the end. Brooke understands this and wants this.

Maya looks out her window. She gets a knock on her door from Rick and opens the door. Maya hugs Rick and kisses him. Maya explains she was in the shower to help her relax. Rick tells her that he can let her go in late tomorrow if she wants. Maya says she is to tired and tries to get him to leave. Rick explains that he was having dinner with Bridget and telling her how much he likes her. Rick thinks that Maya and him are perfect. Rick tells her that he loves her.

Eric tells her that he is in a relationship with Taylor. Brooke says that they can have a family together if they got back together plus a new child. Eric reminds her that the new child is Bill's. Brooke tells him that no one will ever have to know that. Eric knows that Taylor will know because Taylor is already suspicious.

Taylor decides to call Eric. Thomas thinks that it is getting pretty late. Thomas says he will stay if they have something good for dinner.

Brooke will get a fake paternity test to prove it is Eric's. Taylor calls and Eric explains that Bridget was in town and he had dinner at Brookes.

Taylor hangs up and tells Thomas what happened. Thomas thinks that this is not a good thing. Taylor says she is not worried about Brooke.

Brooke does not want to lie but Katie cannot find out. Brooke thinks that this will be to much of a shock. Eric wonders about Taylor and how she will react and how the rest of the family will react. Brooke says they are all strong and she refuses to loose another family member or friend. She begs Eric to help her.

Maya says she is supprised about what Rick said. Rick explains that he feels new and fresh when he is around Maya. Rick kisses Maya passionatly. Maya kisses back and smiles. Maya has a flashback to Allison and pictures herself in jail. Maya stops Rick and tells him that she can't.

Thomas says he does not have to leave. Taylor says he does because it is late. Taylor says that everything will be ok. Thomas leaves.

Brooke makes Eric think about how the rest of the family will react to Brooke's news. Eric wonders how Taylor will feel about all of this. Brooke believes that they can make a lie. Brooke knows that this is her fault but she does not want this to turn into how Hope was born. Brooke wants this baby to have a loving family. Eric says he is sorry but he just cannot do this. Eric does not want to talk about this again. Brooke tries to stop him and starts crying. Eric walks out.

Rick wonders why this is not what Maya wants. Maya says this has to do with her and no one else. Maya does not believe she is the right woman for him and she will hurt him. Maya tells him he should go. Maya says that he is better off without her. Rick begs to talk about this. Maya says she cannot do this. Maya tells her that Caroline is the best for him because she cannot get over her past. Rick begs for her to listen. Maya makes him leaves. Maya cries as she closes the door. Rick tells Maya through the door that Maya still loves him and neither of their feelings have changed. Rick leaves.

Eric tells Taylor that he should have told her about Bridget. Taylor explains that it is fine and that she wishes she could have seen Bridget. Taylor wonders what Brooke talked about and wonders if Brooke said anything about what is going on. Taylor just wants to know because she knows that Brooke is keeping a secret. Eric explains that Bill is low on Brookes list of priorities. Taylor thinks that there has to be another man. Eric explains that he does not know and that Bill is for Katie only. Taylor is glad that whoever the man she ends up with is it will not be Eric.

Brooke looks off into the distance outside.

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