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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/24/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Rick and Bridget notice Brooke has gone out of her way to please Eric and Rick comments that if he didn't know better he'd say she was trying to butter up their dad. Eric looks at Brooke in a knowing way and she tries to smile her guilt off. Taylor talks to Thomas about Steffy and tells him she's in too deep in her guilt. Thomas says what happened was an accident and Steffy shouldn't blame herself. Taylor says Steffy just feels so empty inside it's hard to explain. She says another baby will give her and Liam something to look forward to and it'll help them heal.

Maya remembers how Bill blackmailed her before Carter arrives. Seeing her upset Carter asks if everything is okay. Maya says it could be better and explains how Rick keeps trying to break up with Caroline, but she won't take no for an answer. Carter says she's a Spencer and they are stubborn and used to getting their way. He says he walked in on something tense the other day with her and Bill, and Maya tells him how he threatened her to stay away from Rick. Carter doesn't look happy.

Bill tells Alison how he wants Maya out of the picture for good as she's a threat to his niece and family. He says if she knows what's good for her, then she'll stay away from Rick, or she'll end up back in jail, because he can make that happen. He looks at the evidence he has and says once the DA sees this, it'll be back to jail for her.

Carter asks what gives Bill the right to ask that of her, and Maya says she knows and that is why she is ignoring him. Carter asks her if she's okay again, and Maya says she's got a bright future and she's not going to let anything bring her down. He tells her that is the spirit and says if she needs anything at all though, he's here. She tells him that means a lot and Carter smiles at her.

Bill sends Alison after Maya with the evidence and tells her to scare the hell out of her. He says he doesn't want to send her back to prison but if he has to, he will. Alison leaves as Bill pours himself a drink. Thomas asks his mother if Liam has agreed to have a second baby right away. Taylor asks why he wouldn't, and Thomas explains how he thought he might not seeing the first pregnancy was a surprise. Taylor says that a new baby will be best, because even if he hadn't seen the first baby coming, he had begun to look forward to it being born.

Brooke tells her family that she wanted tonight to be memorable she tells Bridget to come home more often because her father and her wants their family to be closer to each other than ever. She smiles at Eric and he smiles back. Maya looks at a picture of her and Rick on her phone before Alison arrives at her home. She barges in and Maya tries to stop her but she asks her if the name Jesse means anything to her. Maya goes pale.

Thomas continues talking to his mother, and they get into a discussion about when Brooke was in a relationship with Eric and left Stephanie for her. Taylor says it was awful and says thank God Eric is over Brooke now, having no idea Brooke is chasing after him right now. Brooke again mentions how family means everything to her and Eric, while Bridget and Rick talk about when they were kids and sneaks another smile and longing glance at him.

Bill thinks of his memories of Brooke while alone in his office. Maya asks Alison how she knows Jesse and asks if she's his girlfriend or something. She asks what she wants from her and Alison threatens Maya. Maya gets angry and tells her to get out or she will call the cops but Alison shows her a picture of her and Jesse and tells her if she was her she wouldn't call the cops. Maya looks at Alison angrily.

Thomas tells Taylor that Steffy thanks them for checking in and texted him saying she'll call in the morning. Seeing his mother still worried Thomas tells her Steffy is going to be okay before asking about her and Eric. He asks if they are  really for  real and Taylor says she feels blessed to have someone and have no doubts. Thomas says it's great to see her happy and says she couldn't have picked a better man as Eric is the type to do anything for those he cares for. Taylor nods in agreement.

After Bridget and Rick leave, Brooke tries to get Eric agree to help her but Eric shocks her by saying no. He says he can't help her this time and warns her that this is a Spencer baby and one day she is going to want to tell Bill and the child that. Brooke looks mortified.

As Maya learns she is being blackmailed by none other than Bill to stay away from Rick, Rick knocks on the door asking if she's home. Maya looks torn about what she should do, let him in or stay away as she's being told to do. Taylor tells Thomas that she hasn't been this happy in years and how Eric is devoted and loyal to her.

Brooke continues pressuring Eric to play dad to her baby. She tells him Taylor is going to hurt him and so he should be with her instead. She tells him she wants him to be the father of her baby because he's been such a good one to Rick and Bridget in the past. Eric stands his ground and says he'll be a friend and mentor to this baby but he won't be his father. Eric steps away from Brooke and tells her he is happy with Taylor. He says he is content with her and she loves him the way he wants to be loved and she's made him feel like a new person. He says with her he feels like he has his passion and commitment back. Brooke ignores him and says nothing compares to what they share. Eric tells her she feels for Bill and not for him. Brooke says that's where he's wrong and kisses him.

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