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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/23/13


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Hope tells Liam that Steffy is planning to get pregnant right away again and thatís how he ended up married to her in the first place. She takes his hand and tells him it doesnít have to end up that way again. Steffy asks Taylor if she really told Hope to stay away. Taylor tells her not to worry about Hope. She says she wants her to concentrate on her and Liam. Steffy says she wants to give Liam another baby, not that it will make up for the one they lost. Taylor tells her to stop blaming herself. Steffy says when Hope find out she wants to have another kid. Taylor cuts her off by telling her she knows and thinks sheís only doing it to cling to Liam. Steffy looks angry as she says of course Hope would think that. Taylor says it doesnít matter because Liam knows that is not why and knows itís for healing the pain of losing their first child. Taylor tells her Liam wants to try again too.

Brooke gets final things ready for her dinner with Eric and Donna tries to ask her what sheís up to. Brooke says the clock is ticking and she has to protect Katie. Donna asks how Bridget and Rick fit into this. Right then Bridget arrives and Brooke hugs her before saying her timing couldnít be more perfect making her daughter curious. Donna leaves and Bridget asks where Rick and her dad are as she thought they were joining them. Rick arrives and Bridget and him ask their mother what this spur of the moment family get together is all about. Brooke smiles widely trying to look inconspicuous.

Steffy continues to pin blame on herself for the loss of her child and Taylor tries to get her to stop. Liam continues talking to Hope who keeps telling him that having another baby right now isnít really what he wants. She asks him if he could turn the clock back and be with her would he want to? Liam looks at Hope quietly. Hope says sorry for asking that and adds in itís too soon to ask such things but Liam doesnít seem to mind. Hope tells Liam that Steffy is only having a baby to trap him because itís not like Steffy to want a family. She says sheíd do the same thing (give him a baby) but not to trap him like Steffy is but because she knows he has so much love to give to a child. Liam says there isnít a whole lot he can say to Steffy right now and says to Hope that itís nice he has her. Hope looks pleased.

Steffy continues to cry and say why did she get on the bike. Taylor looks torn for her daughterís pain and tries to tell her not to blame herself like this but Steffy says she cost Liam his baby. She says he should be as mad at her as she is with herself. Taylor tells her that Liam loves her and he knows she would never have wanted this to happen. Steffy screams but it did happen. She says it happened because she got on the bike because she was being impulsive like always. Steffy bursts into tears and Taylor hugs her daughter and cries with her as she tries to comfort her. Steffy says she wanted that baby so much and Taylor says she knows. Steffy cries that she wanted to have Liamís child.

Eric arrives and hugs Bridget , happy to see his daughter before they start sharing family memories with Brooke and Rick. In the midst of it Bridget tells Eric that him and Taylor being together caught her off guard. Brooke panics at the mention of Taylorís name on her special family night where she intends to remind Eric how good his life with her was and hastily tells Bridget that Eric will fill her in on that later because tonight is about them but Eric answers Bridget. He says Taylor has becomes very important and close to him, more than some people realize and accept. Brooke pulls an annoyed face proving just how she feels about Taylor meaning a lot to Eric. Eric says he would never want to do anything to hurt Taylor or to cause her to lose faith in him. Rick says he doesnít think anyone is asking him to do that but Bridget picks up on the tension around her mom and dad and asks if sheís missing something here. Eric looks at Brooke in a knowing way and she doesnít look happy.

Bridget talks about her living arrangements with her son and Jackie and Owen and parallels the situation to when Eric was raising them with Brooke. Brooke seizes the moment to butter Eric as she says yes he is an excellent father. Taking his arm she says and husband. Rick says now there is an idea and tells them they are both single, they should tie the knot again. Brooke laughs and looks at Eric sneakily and Eric looks uncomfortable.

Steffy says that Liam and her need something wonderful to look forward to. Taylor understands but says that she wants her to know that having another child right away is not going to make all the pain go away. Steffy says but it would help and Taylor realizes Steffy is still hanging onto the baby. Taylor begs Steffy to let go and tells her she has got to or else it will paralyze her. Steffy cries and Taylor bursts into tears at seeing her child so miserable.  Hope continues to take digs at Taylor and Steffy by saying her own mother would not have let her ride a bike while she was pregnant and saying Steffy is impulsive and spontaneous. Hope reminds Liam why he fell for her telling him he admired her goals and said she made him a better person. She says thatís the kind of thing you build a marriage on and a future indirectly saying Steffy isnít fit for a long-term commitment. Seeing that Liam looks uncomfortable Hope tries again and says she knows he loves Steffy but the only reason he married her is gone now. She tells him he will get Steffy through this but he can still have the life he wants with her. She tells him she loves him and hugs Liam who hugs her back.

Bridget and Rick look at old scrapbooks of their family. They ask her why she brought them out now, and Brooke says sheís feeling nostalgic with her kids and her husband being here. Eric corrects her by saying ex-husband but Rick and Bridget talk about the photo album which has pictures from Brookeís wedding with Eric. Brooke says they have no idea how much this means to her, them being here together as a family at which Eric smiles.

Hope thinks of her memories with Liam and smiles while Liam goes home to Steffy who is crying and holding one of their babyís toys. Liam watches as Steffy moves to put the things in a box but bursts into tears as she sees the babyís sonogram picture. Liam hugs Steffy as she breaks down crying in his arms.

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