B&B Wednesday Update 5/22/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/22/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam walks into the house and Steffy follows still sad over what happened. Steffy thinks that this house is just like her. Steffy says now that the baby is gone it just feels empty.

Hope looks at her phone and Taylor walks in. Taylor asks if Hope has a minute. Hope says she is sorry for what is going on. Taylor wants to know that Hope will give Liam and Steffy the space they need or take advantage of the situation.

Donna asks if Brooke is ok. Brooke says she is ok. Brooke says she knows Donna loved Eric but that Brooke would like a future with Eric. Donna wonders what she is talking about. Brooke says that this is the only way out of her mess. Donna thinks this sounds crazy. Brooke tells her that Katie will find out if she does not name a father. Donna wonders about Taylor. Brooke says forget about Taylor. Donna does not think this will fly. Brooke explains that Katie will be destroyed if she finds out.

Katie understands where she is coming from. Taylor is glad to be understood and tells Hope she will get hurt again if tries to go after Liam again. Taylor tells her that they are trying for another baby.

Steffy cannot believe that the baby is dead. Steffy cries and says she has nothing now. Liam does not know what to say. Steffy tells Liam to get out all of his anger because she knows he has it. Steffy thinks Liam should be mad at her because she is mad at herself. Liam says that this won't help either one of them. Steffy wishes she died instead of her baby. Liam tells her not to say that.

Hope is shocked to hear that Steffy plans to get pregnant right away. Taylor says that Steffy wants to have a child. Hope explains that Liam only married her because of the baby and now she is having another one to keep him. Taylor thinks that is wrong. Hope says she can see very clearly.

Steffy stands up but falls back down after a few seconds. Liam gets a text from Hope and walks into the living room. Liam asks if Steffy wants any food. Steffy says no. Liam sits next to Steffy. Steffy says she will make this up to him by having another child. Steffy wants to get pregnant as soon as possible. Liam thinks they should focus on Steffy only right now. Steffy says the paine is a bit better. Liam helps Steffy get ready to take a nap. Steffy lies on the couch and asks Liam to hold her.

Donna says they need to think this through. Donna wonders how Taylor will react. Brooke says she does not care and this will work out. Donna wonders what she will do when Bill finds out. Brooke says she will handle it. Donna reminds Brooke that family means everything to Bill and he will be upset if he is lied to. Brooke will tell Bill the same thing that Eric is the father. Brooke knows Bill will let it go. Donna thinks she is lying to herself. Brooke does not want Katie to get upset. Brooke wants Katie to be happy and spend the rest of her life with her child and husband.

Taylor comes to the house and gives Steffy soup. Taylor wonders where Liam is. Steffy says he had to go somewhere. Taylor tells Steffy that Hope said she would lay off. Steffy does not want to think about Hope right now. Steffy says she is not ok. She knows that she is responsible for her childs death.

Liam shows up at Hope's office. Hope says she is sorry and the two hug. Hope knows that Liam is tired. Liam says he is. Hope wonders how Steffy is. Liam says not very well. Hope thinks that Steffy is just a risk taker. Hope wonders if Liam has expressed any anger. Liam already feels guilty and does not want to keep it.

Brooke knows that this is hard for Donna to be in the middle. Donna says she is always here for Brooke. Brooke answers her phone to find Bridget on the other line. Bridget says she is in town and wants to have dinner. Brooke makes it a family dinner. Brooke tells Donna she has a good idea for tonight with everyone together.

Steffy wonders why she did not think about what she was doing when she was doing it. Taylor says that she did not kill her baby.

Liam sits on a couch and tells Hope he really wanted the child. He did not plan it but when it became real he was ready. Liam says that the baby is real to him. Hope knows that Liam is grieving. Hope knows that Steffy wants to get pregnant right away and Taylor told her. Liam explains that he knows that Hope thinks that Steffy trapped him. Hope knows she did and that she knows that Liam needs to be with Steffy right now and she is always there for her. Hope kisses Liam.

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