B&B Tuesday Update 5/21/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/21/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

A fashion show takes place in Eric's office involving Brooke, Thomas, Rick, and Hope. Eric has a flashback to Brooke trying to convince him into being the father of her baby. Rick thanks the models. Hope says they are impressive. Rick says the credit goes to Thomas and Caroline. Rick says the numbers are up thanks to Brooke and Bill.

Taylor asks if Steffy is feeling ok. Taylor wants Steffy to talk about her depression with the doctor. Steffy says that the doctor can't bring back her baby. Taylor knows this but thinks that she can help her deal with the loss. Steffy disagrees. The doctor comes in and the three sit down. She explains that she is sorry for her loss. Steffy thinks what she did was stupid. The doctor says she needs to be more careful with her bike. Taylor and Liam explain that Steffy destroyed the bike after the accident. The doctor says she will bounce back from this. Steffy just wants to go home.

Eric says that over all growth is good. Thomas is not impressed. Rick is mad that Bill was right about the ideas. Hope mentions that he won't be around because of the baby. Rick says that they have a winner in Brooke's Bedroom and they will have a nine month tour starting in Europe. Brooke is shocked. Rick thinks it is incredible. Brooke says she cannot be gone that long. Eric says this is a very demanding schedule. Brooke says this is going to be exhausting. Rick says they want her. Hope wants to talk to Rick in private. Katie walks in and thinks they look miserable.

The doctor tells Steffy everything looks good. Steffy wants to go home. Liam goes to update the health insurance.

Hope says Brooke had a weird reaction to the news. Hope says she must have been preoccupied like everyone else is. Rick says do not get a head of yourself because Liam is still married. Hope says she only respected the marriage because of the baby. Hope knows Liam will think about the choice he has.

Brooke tells Katie that she is supposed to go on tour for Brooke's bedroom. Katie thinks that is fun. Brooke is to busy. Katie wants to Brooke to be happy because she has done so much for her.

Taylor wonders how long before Steffy can get pregnant again. The doctor says at anytime after she feels healed. Steffy wonders how much time. The doctor says when ever she feels ready. Taylor thinks this can help her recover emotionally.

Hope thinks that what happened with Liam at the wedding felt so right and then Steffy came to take him away. Hope knew that it was over. Rick says it is not. Hope says she is sorry for what Steffy is going through and is sorry for Liam but she knows that Liam has a choice now. Rick does not want Hope to get hurt. Hope says she would have never wanted things to go like this but they did. Rick knows that Hope  and Liam deserve a chance. Hope says she knows that she will be with Liam again.

Katie says that she owes her happiness to Brooke. Eric wonders about the new jewelry Katie has. Katie explains Bill gave it to her and it is new. Katie is grateful that Bill waited for her. Katie would like to get something from the bedroom line for Bill. Katie says Bill is sad that he is not going to be a grandfather. Brooke says that she will support Katie and Bill with everything. Brooke says she loves her so much and that her happiness means a lot to her. The two hug.

Brooke sits down next to Eric and Eric says he is sorry. Eric says what Brooke is asking though is just impossible. Brooke thinks that it is not and that the two of them care for each other. Brooke thinks they would be happy. Eric says she would not be happy. Eric thinks she is just desperate. Brooke says she is but she could be his wife for the rest of her life. Brooke tells Eric to look at Katie and what would happen. Eric says he will support her with everything he has but his life belongs to Taylor now. He is sorry that he cannot do it for her.

Hope looks at pictures of her and Liam. She has a flashback to the wedding. Hope calls Liam.

Liam picks up his phone and Hope wonders where he is. Liam says he is at the doctors with Steffy. Hope wonders how he is doing and how Steffy is. Liam explains that she is the best she can be. Hope wants to talk to Liam. Liam says he has to go and they will talk later. Hope says ok and hangs up. Steffy comes over and says that this is her fault and the baby is gone because of her. Steffy says she is sorry and to forgive her. Steffy says they can have a baby as soon as possible. Steffy wants another baby with Liam.

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