B&B Monday Update 5/20/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/20/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Eric can't believe that Brooke is suggesting this. Eric does not think that this would work because they did not work when they were married. Brooke thinks otherwise and thinks that giving Bridget and Rick a brother or sister would be a good thing.

Doctor Mead gives Taylor and Thomas the discharge papers. Doctor Mead suggests keeping her. Taylor believes that home is the best place.

Steffy has flash backs and cries. Liam tells her that it is going to be ok. Steffy says that it will never be ok. Liam tells her it will be ok. Steffy thinks this is her fault.

Katie and Hope thinks this is depressing. Katie is shocked that this could happen and wonders if she remembers anything. Hope says that as far as she knows no but when she finally does it will be sad. Hope brings up Steffy only being married to Liam because of the baby but does not want to sound bad. Katie wants to know why she was on the bike. Hope thinks that if they stay married will be up to them.

Steffy does not want Liam to feel angry. Liam says he is not angry. Liam starts crying.

Eric has no desire to relive his younger years and also remembers the rejection he had towards the end. Brooke says she needs to have this child with him because it would destroy her life as she knows it. Brooke believes that Eric is the only thing standing between her and a disaster.

Liam thanks Doctor Mead. Taylor says they will be taking her home so she can be around peace and love. Thomas says he will come by tomorrow. Taylor and Thomas leave. Steffy wonders why they feel so bad for her. Steffy says that she should not be getting felt bad for. Liam tries to get Steffy dressed. Steffy looks at the outfits and notices they are maternity clothes. Steffy cries.

Hope says that Steffy and Liam have a lot of healing. Hope does not know if they should be having this conversation. Katie wonders if Liam said something. Hope says no and that Liam will take care of Steffy but after that who knows.

Eric says that if Brooke had suggested this after thinking this would make no sense. Brooke explains it would make sense. Eric does not want it to look like the two of them had an affair. Brooke comes up with a scene for them to use when people ask about how this happened between the two of them. Brooke wonders if what she said is impposible.

Taylor and Thomas are at the house and a man comes to give them the motor cycle. Thomas makes them put it in the garage. Taylor says they will get it repared.

Liam tells Steffy they are home. Liam decides to check on inside so that nothing is shocking to Steffy. Steffy says she will stay in the car. Steffy notices the bike in the garage.

Brooke says they can do this now because it is the perfect time. Eric does not know what he would tell Taylor and thinks this is impossible. Eric is shocked that Brooke does not think this would be different than what Brooke thinks Taylor is doing. Brooke believes because they were married and that no one else in the world knows her better. Brooke says she only did it with Bill because she thought it was over. Brooke explains that Katie cannot be in panic again. Brooke thinks that the two of them could be in love again and that they would be happy. Brooke says she is sorry that this is all coming out now but it needs to be done now. Eric thinks Bill needs to know. Brooke says no. Eric asks if Brooke would be claiming love to him if she was not in this situation. Brooke says probably not. Eric says he knows how she gets when she is scared but that Brooke can't do this. Eric admits to always loving her and does remember the moments but also remembers the sad moments. Eric does not want to bargin with someone and wants to be loved just for him. Brooke begs for her to do this for Katie. Eric says he will help in anyway just not this way.

Katie does not want Hope getting upset with the outcome of this. Hope says she knows that she should keep a distance but that she can wait for Liam.

Steffy stands in the garage and cries over the bike. Steffy smashes the bike with a base ball bat and cries. She then falls to the ground and cries histarically. She says I am so sorry and holds her stomach. She keeps saying she is sorry.

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