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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/17/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Dr. Meade tells Taylor, Eric, and Thomas that Steffy is still not talking which frightens them as this is not like her at all. Bill comes to see Liam and asks if Steffy is coming home today. Liam says yes and says he was just cleaning up. Bill can tell Liam is miserable about the baby dying in the accident and tries to comfort his son. Donna comes to see Brooke in her office and mentions how once Steffy and her were carrying "Spencer babies" and now it's just her. Brooke looks worried.

Eric tries to comfort Taylor and Thomas asks if he can see his sister. The doctor says Steffy doesn't want to see anyone but it might do her good to see them. Thomas goes into Steffy's hospital room while Bill tells Liam he is so sorry for the loss of his unborn child. Thomas tells Steffy that he know she didn't want any visitors but he is worried about her. He takes his sister's hand and says they are all there for her and that she will get through this.

Brooke tells Donna not to talk about that because she doesn't want anyone finding out. Donna says it's not like she can hide it for long. Donna says she's worried about Katie and what will happen when this comes out. She asks Brooke what they are going to do and if she has a plan. Brooke looks stressed out.

When Eric gets a call from work, Taylor says it's okay for him to leave. Eric tells her Pam has sent them her love and Taylor says she can't thank him enough for being there for her. Eric tells Taylor that Steffy will be okay. He says she will go home with Liam and they will both get through this. Crying, Taylor says she just has to find a way to get Steffy to open up because she can't go on like this. Eric tells her she will get through to her and Taylor says yes she will reach her somehow. Bill tells Liam that Katie sends her sincerest wishes to him and Liam looks close to breaking down. Bill tells Liam that if there is something he wants to say he should say it. He tells Liam that he doesn't need to be strong in front of him and tells him to get his anger over this off his chest. Liam has an outburst and he screams he wants to ask Steffy what she was thinking getting on that bike and tell her he told her not to. Liam starts to cry.

Donna asks Brooke if she's told Bill. Brooke says no. Donna tells her she needs to and Bill needs to be part of whatever decision she makes. Brooke tells her the decision has been made. She says if God intended for her to have this baby then she will have it. Donna asks her what about Katie then. Brooke says she never needs to know the truth. Donna doesn't look convinced of that plan.

Taylor tries to talk to Steffy. Sitting next to her hospital bed where Steffy lays crying she strokes her hair and tells her to forgive herself and not blame herself. When Steffy looks at her Taylor says it was a damn accident. She begs her daughter not to blame herself. Crying, Taylor tells Steffy that she hates seeing her like this, she hates it. She say she doesn't want to see her hurt and pleads with her to forgive herself.

Liam says he was thinking right on his wedding day that despite how cool Steffy's entrance was that it wasn't safe for her to be riding a motorcycle when she was pregnant. He says that pregnant women don't do that at which Bill gets annoyed and says pregnant women ride motorcycles all the time. Bill asks why he's going this as Steffy had an accident. Liam says it was his baby too and he can't believe she got on the motorcycle after she promised him she would not do that. Bill tells Liam to pretend he's Steffy and let out whatever he wants to say to her to him.

Liam outbursts on Bill and says he's angry and blames Steffy for the accident. Bill listens to him before grabbing hold of Liam and telling him that every time he feels he needs to say this to Steffy he come and say it to him instead. He tells him he can take it but Steffy can't. He orders Liam not to hold this against Steffy. Liam tries to avert Bill's demand but Bill get's through and makes him agree to not say these things to Steffy because it could kill her to hear them.

When Eric enters his office Brooke asks about Steffy before Eric begins to talk about her line. He says they should reintroduce it with a big event with her right in the middle of it but Brooke says she can't. Eric is confused at her words and Brooke tells him there is something she needs to tell him. Brooke talks about how besides Ridge he's been the only other person to understand her. Eric asks what she's getting at and Brooke shocks Eric by telling her she's pregnant with Bill's baby.

Eric says Taylor was right then but Brooke says that Katie ended the marriage so she didn't betray her by sleeping with Bill. She urges Eric to help her keep this secret. Eric says he won't say anything but questions how long she will be able to hide this. Brooke tells Eric that Bill isn't the father of this baby, he is, which leaves Eric sighing.

Liam asks Dr. Meade if Steffy is good to go. The doctor tells him that Steffy is physically ready to go but not emotionally. Liam finally goes in to get Steffy and tells her he brought her clothes. Liam tells Steffy they should do something together when they go home, maybe have that barbecue they were going to and promises to take care of her. Steffy still looks upset and tries to talk but can't form words. Liam tells Steffy it's okay and says if she's not ready to talk then she doesn't have to. Steffy says she's sorry. Crying she says that she should not have taken the motorcycle and says she's sorry. Liam starts to cry himself and hugs her as Steffy breaks down crying. Liam holds her close and tells her it's all right.

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