B&B Wednesday Update 5/15/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/15/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam tells Steffy she is ok. Steffy sees Taylor. Dr. Mead tells her she is in the hospital. Steffy asks why.

Thomas tells Hope that he knows that it had to have been hard for her to see Steffy. Hope says she was happy to have finally told Steffy what she had to.

Bill tells Alison that Jesse will do what he has to do for the money.

Rick and Maya spot Othello at the club and talk to him. Caroline shows up and sees Maya and Rick talking to each other.

Alison thinks that Caroline is very lucky to have an uncle who cares so much about her. Bill tells Alison to make sure that things happen tonight.

Maya cannot believe that this is Othello's job. Caroline walks over and is happy to see Rick. Rick and Othello walk away and Caroline makes Rick dance with him.

Hope says don't look so happy about her and Steffy. She just did what she had to do. Hope says that she is at work and the two of them are at home having a wonderful time.

Liam wonders if Steffy remembers the accident. Steffy asks if she hit her head. Dr. Mead tries to ask her questions. Steffy is able to answer most of them. Steffy asks if she is going to be ok. Taylor says yes.

Bill gets a phone call. Dr. Mead calls him and explains that Steffy was in a motor cycle accident. Dr. Mead wants to tell him something but Bill says he will be their in a few minutes.

Caroline and Rick dance together. Rick asks if she has to record everything. Caroline says her followers need to know these things. Othello tells Maya that she should be out their. Alison shows up.

Thomas thinks that this might not be a great conversation to have. Thomas explains Steffy has lost a lot in her life. Thomas says that when Phoebe died she lost a part of herself. Thomas gets a phone call from Taylor saying that Steffy is in the hospital and she just woke up. Thomas says he will be their soon. Hope wonders what is going on. Thomas says that Steffy got in an accident. Hope says she will drive him.

Liam tries to tell Steffy what happened. Steffy asks again if she is ok. Taylor says that she is ok. Steffy says she has one question. Steffy wants the truth. Steffy wants to know how long they will keep her. Liam laughs.

Maya and a bunch of girls party. Rick tells Maya that he came to see her not be with Caroline. Rick tells Maya he does not want to be mean but he wants to be with Maya. Maya does not care what anyone says because she is with Rick. Jesse shows up.

Liam tells Taylor to get the Dr.. Liam tells Steffy that he would not be anywhere else but here. Steffy is happy that they are married. Dr. Mead comes in and explains things should be brief. Dr. Mead explains the more head injuries she has the harder it gets. Taylor and Liam decide to go wait outside. Liam gives Steffy a kiss and then leaves.

Liam asks why Steffy has not asked about the baby. Dr. Mead explains she may not remember being pregnant.

Jesse runs into Maya at the bar. Jesse says she looks great. Maya asks what he is doing. Maya wonders how he found her. Jesse explains he keeps his hears open. Jesse wants to talk in private and catch up, he says he misses her. Alison takes out a camera.

Thomas and Hope show up. Hope asks how Steffy is. Liam says ok but they lost the baby. Thomas asks if Steffy knows. Taylor tells them no and she does not even remember the baby. Thomas is shocked that they have not told her. Liam explains that she may not even know if she is pregnant. Liam and everyone goes into the hospital room.

Liam tells her that he is not going anywhere. Liam is grateful that she is alive. Liam tells Steffy that she needs to know something.

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