B&B Tuesday Update 5/14/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/14/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam wonders if the baby is ok. Liam want a response.

Alison explains that if Maya gets near Jesse that she will go back to jail. Bill says that is what they will do.

Othello asks who he is bringing with him to the club. Rick tells him that he is thinking about bringing a new girl he has been seeing. Rick tells him that he thinks she is something special. Maya comes in and says she can come back. Rick tells her that he has a proposition for her. Maya smiles. Rick introduces Maya to Othello. Rick tells him that Maya is a new model for the company. Rick wants Maya to go to the club with them. Maya does not think it is a good idea.

Alison wonders what the plan is. Bill says that Maya will end up at the club so he has no choice but to act. Alison is to get Jesse to go to the club and bump into Maya. Bill will get Maya back into prison.

Dr. Mead explains that she has head trauma. Liam begs to know about the baby. Dr. Mead says they can't get a heart beat. Liam starts crying. Liam can't believe the baby is gone and cries even more. Dr. Mead tells him he is sorry for their loss. Liam sits down.

Alison tells Bill that Jesse will be meeting him at the farmer's market, and he sounds normal and nice on the phone. Bill wonders why Alison likes the bad boys so much. Alison jokes it has to do with working with him. Bill tells him to offer 10 grand. Bill says if she does a good job that Alison will get 5 grand.

Rick says he would really like it if she came out. Maya says she does not think she can. Rick says she has not said no. Caroline walks in after Maya leaves. Rick asks if Caroline is looking to see how many likes she has again. Caroline says yes she is. Othello leaves.

Alison finds Jesse at the farmer's market. Jesse asks who they know together. Alison says it is Maya. Alison explains that he needs to talk to Maya. He tells her no. Alison shows him the money.

Taylor walks in asking if Steffy is ok. Liam says she is in the other room and no one can see her right now. Liam explains they are doing a procedure right now. Taylor asks about the baby. Liam shakes his head no. Taylor starts crying.

Rick tells Caroline about tonight. Caroline tells him she is excited. Rick tells her that Maya is coming. Caroline says that's fine. Rick tells Caroline that she is not getting what he is trying to say. Caroline keeps cutting him off before he can say they are through. Caroline tells him this will be great.

Liam tells her that it probably happened right away. Taylor says she is sorry. Liam does not even want to think about it and he does not even know what to do. Taylor asks if he called Bill. Liam says not yet. Liam wonders why Steffy would do this. Liam and Taylor go back into the hospital room. Liam holds Steffy's arm. Taylor kisses Steffy on the forehead.

Jesse decides he will do it. Alison gives him half now and will give him the rest later. Alison tells him not to be late. Alison calls Bill telling him it is done. Bill is happy.

Maya tells Rick she is not sure she could go. Rick wants a reason. Maya can think of a few. Maya does not want Caroline to be upset. Maya says she will come. Rick runs out of the room saying he will pick her up at 10. Maya has a flashback to when Bill threatened her. Maya is now scared.

Taylor tries to get Steffy to wake up. Liam says they are scared. Dr. Mead comes in saying that she will be fine as long as she wakes up. Taylor says thank you. Liam tells her to wake up and open her eyes. Liam begs her to wake up. Steffy starts to wake up. Steffy says Liam and what happened. Steffy is in a lot of pain.

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