B&B Monday Update 5/13/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/13/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy gets into a car accident while on her motorcycle.

Bill asks Brooke what is going on. Bill knows something is wrong. Brooke does not think she should have called. Bill explains he will be their if he asks her. Brooke says she has to go. Hope walks in explaining that she was at Taylor's beach house to see Oliver. Brooke asks if she is ok. Hope does not if she is fine and that she ran into Steffy.

Liam calls Thomas who explains that Steffy left. Thomas said an accident happened on the free way and maybe that is why.

Steffy is shown passed out on the street.

Bill looks at his phone and Caroline walks in. Caroline has a present for Bill and explains that it is because of his amazing donation. Caroline says it is a token of appreciation. Bill tells Caroline to give her phone to him so that he does not have to compete for her attention. Bill asks how things are going with Rick. Caroline explains that things are not great and that she knows that he wants to break up to be with Maya. Bill does not like hearing that. Caroline thinks that Maya and Rick would be terrible together and that he needs a woman who can function in his world. Bill agrees. Caroline wonders what else could be known about Maya. Caroline cannot believe that she is a spokesperson for Hope for the Future. Caroline believes that Rick was crazy for her. Caroline says she is sorry for crying. Caroline explains she loves him so much and it hurts so bad. Bill says he is confident things are going to work out for him.

Steffy is taken into the ICU. Doctor Mead asks how the patient is doing and then notices that it is Steffy.

Hope thinks that Brooke is doing well at not asking how Steffy and Hope were doing. Hope explains that she was invited over to the house and she decided to leave and she ran into Steffy and she explains that Steffy was talking about how things were perfect for them. Hope explains she was crying and Steffy walked in but was considerate of Hope. Hope says she hates this and does not want to fight with her. Hope says that they are this tight family unit and the just wished them well.

Liam gets a call and it is Doctor Mead telling him that Steffy is in the ER.

Caroline says sorry for crying. Bill explains to her that it is healthy to cry for some people. Caroline explains that a bunch of people are going to a club tonight. Bill tells Caroline that she needs to take this moment for what it is. Caroline tells Bill she has to leave. Bill tells her that she will get her way very soon. Caroline leaves. Bill asks what Alison has on Maya.

Liam goes to see Steffy.

Hope says she is giving them the benefit that they deserve to be together even though she should of had his children but now that is not going to happen. Hope does not know how she is going to accept this though.

Liam goes into the room and sees Steffy passed out.

Alison explains that the man in Maya's life was recently released and if Maya goes anywhere near her that she will go back to jail. Bill explains that she will be if he has anything to do with it. Bill makes no apologies for his nieces happiness.

Brooke says that this will not be easy and this will not magically heal her heart but these things happen for a reason and you grow. Brooke explains she is very proud of her. Hope does not know why because she feels that she is not getting what she wants. Brooke explains that she is gathering the tools to move on and one day she will understand why this all happened. Hope wonders what she did wrong. Brooke says she knows it is hard but she has to get back to her life. Hope agrees and says she can be in another relationship maybe with someone like Oliver. Brooke says that life is full of surprises and Hope needs to be open to them.

Liam sits down next to Steffy and says hello. Liam tells Steffy she needs to wake up for him. Liam asks why was she on her motor cycle. Liam tells Doctor Mead that she is pregnant. Liam says she is beautiful. Liam asks about the baby. Doctor Mead does not answer.

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