B&B Wednesday Update 5/8/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/8/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Donna asks if Brooke is sure that she is pregnant. Brooke says she is sure. Donna figures that the father is Bill. Brooke runs off.

Maya thinks she is getting threatened. Bill tells Maya he is giving her a chance to keep her job at Forrester and to not get exposed. Bill knows his life would change dramatically if he exposed her.

Rick tells Caroline that she put a great fund raiser on. Caroline believes that it is team work. Caroline tries to kiss Rick but he moves away. Caroline explains that he does that a lot lately. Rick says he knows that Caroline can be a certain way but explains he is not trying to pull away. Caroline knows that Rick is under a bunch of stress. Caroline believes that Rick needs someone in his life. Rick likes the smile on Caroline's face. Caroline explains that she knows what to do when it comes to people and Rick. Caroline wants to keep things the way they are.

Maya will not avoid her boss. Bill explains they will not discuss this because Maya will be exposed if she does not listen.

Donna asks how Brooke could do this. Brooke explains that it just happened. Donna knows that Brooke loves him. Donna asks how she could let this happen.

Bill thinks that Maya has a good situation. Maya will not get rid of her feelings. Bill explains that if she does not listen that this will all be over for Maya. Carter comes in and is shocked to see the two together. Bill explains that he is just getting to know Maya. Carter leaves. Bill explains that Maya should try to take an interest in Carter.

Rick tells Caroline they have had some good times. Caroline says they still are. Caroline explains she is not right for Rick and that he is president of Forrester creations and she is good at being the woman behind the man. Rick agrees with what she says but explains that the reasons are not why you choose a person. Caroline knows that you choose someone based on chemistry. Caroline still thinks they have it. Caroline hugs Rick.

Donna asks if Brooke has told Bill. Brooke explains she just found out. Brooke thought it was over and it was over because Katie took off her ring. Donna mentions that this happened once before and Hope was conceived. Brooke tells Donna not to go their.

Bill asks if he has made himself clear. Maya asks what he knows. Bill explains guns were involved. Maya says she was in the car and did not know. Maya says she got in trouble with a guy she didn't know well. Maya explains that she was pregnant by the time she wanted to leave and then she ended up in jail and her baby died. Bill says he is sorry about that. Maya explains she could not just leave because of the baby. Bill tells her to stay away from Rick. Maya says she would fight everyone off her charges. Bill says she could start a huge scandal for the Forresters if she tried anything. Bill says to just stay away or trouble will come her way.

Rick tries to leave. Caroline says they raised a lot of money for a good cause. Caroline begs to keep Rick in her life and runs off.

Donna asks if Brooke is going to tell Bill. Brooke does not know. Donna explains that he is trying to make it work with Katie. Brooke knows they are in love and back on track and she will not destroy that. Donna hugs Brooke and says she is sorry. Bill walks in and asks if he is interrupting. Brooke says they are just talking. Bill says he came to see Caroline. Donna says that the fundraiser went well. Bill asks why Brooke is so emotional.

Rick finds Maya and is happy that she is still their. Rick does not want to be with Caroline but with her. Maya does not want to talk about this. Rick explains that this is over with Caroline. He begs for Maya's forgiveness. Maya can't do this and explains he does not understand. Rick will not let Maya down because she means to much to him. Maya hugs Rick.

Donna tells Bill they just were talking. Brooke asks how Katie is. Bill says she is good and so is Will. Bill will not miss a moment with his child. Bill explains that Will has taught Bill to be a better man and that his father not their for him nor was he their for Liam. Bill explains he better be their for his children. Bill tells them he is going to get going and leaves. Donna asks what Brooke is going to do because a child means so much to Bill and how can she not tell him.

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