B&B Tuesday Update 5/7/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/7/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie wonders what is wrong with Brooke. Brooke does not know what to say and breath heavily.

Caroline explains that she is glad that they had this talk. Rick does not know if they really have had a conversation yet. Bill walks in and explains he needs to talk. Rick leaves. Bill says he heard about the benefit. Caroline wonders how she keeps something because she is going to loose someone.

Katie begs Brooke to talk but Brooke keeps hearing in her head that she is pregnant.

Caroline tells Bill all about Maya. Bill wonders how Maya is a schemer. Caroline says she is poor and that she was in jail and does not know why. Bill will not have Rick treating Caroline like a friend with benefits.

Rick does not understand the budget at Forrester. The financial guy explains that things will be done quickly and leaves. Maya sees Rick and says hey. Maya tells Rick that she saw Caroline and Rick kissing. Maya wonders what she is to Rick and wants an answer. Rick agrees.

Brooke walks into the office. Katie demands to know why she is not talking. Brooke says she is fine. Katie explains that she needs to know. Brooke tells her that sometimes she also feels like her life is over.

Bill tells Caroline to cut the competition if Caroline wants Rick. Caroline says that Rick was about to break up with her the moment that Bill walked in. Bill says that if she wants to keep Rick that he will fix this. Caroline explains if she had a father and he was like Bill she would be glad. Caroline leaves. Bill calls Allison to do a background check on Maya and to get the information right away.

Rick explains that things have not been clear and he needs to be with everyone. Rick said that he knows she saw something. Maya explains that to the world Caroline is his girlfriend. Rick explains he was going to break up with Caroline but Bill walked in. Maya does not want him to break up with her if he does not want to. Rick says he does.

Katie knows about the changes Brooke is going through and knows that things will fix things. Katie begs Brooke to fix things. Donna walks in and says she knew something was wrong. Katie begs to have Brooke come home with her but Brooke says that she can't and goes to get air. Donna gives Katie a strange look.

Brooke breathes heavily outside the door.

Bill gets a call from Allison and asks what he has on her. Bill finds out about her child and thinks that is ruff.

Rick knows that he is making Caroline unhappy. Maya thinks that Caroline should just be with him so no one gets hurt. Maya wants him but does not know what to do. Maya explains that people will ask questions if they get together. Rick explains that he always has to deal with people and wants Maya to do it with him. Maya wants to. Maya and Rick kiss passionately. Maya smiles at Rick.

Bill thanks Allison and explains that she fell for the wrong guy. Bill sees a picture of Brooke and frowns.

Brooke walks outside in a state panic and Donna finds her asking if she is alright. Brooke explains she will be alright and is trying not to pass out. Donna wonders if this has to do with what the doctor told her.

Rick walks into an office and finds Caroline. Caroline says sorry and explains that she likes Bill better than she used too. Caroline says she is sorry about her and that she can be a bad person and she has been. Rick explains that not everything is her fault. Caroline tells Rick that she loves him and she has been a spoiled brat and treated Maya badly. She promises to treat everyone better. Rick is shocked that Caroline knows Maya's name. Caroline asks if they could have a second chance. Caroline decides not to answer it and wants to think of a better question.

Maya walks into Rick's office and finds Bill. Bill explains that he is the in house fortune teller. Maya wonders what Bill does for people. Bill tells him that her name is Maya. Maya asks what her future is. Bill says that she is going to close the door and listen very carefully. Bill tells Maya that she is going to stay away from Rick. Bill tells Maya that he knows everything including how she got in and out of prison. Bill knows that Maya would like to keep that from Rick.

Brooke does not want to go home. Donna says she can. Brooke does not want to be stuck by herself. Donna says that she has a new chapter in her life. Brooke says she cannot. Donna says that Brooke being the oldest has always had to do things first. Brooke explains that Donna will hate her. Donna tells Brooke no one needs to know about what happened with Bill. Brooke says she is pregnant.

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