B&B Monday Update 5/6/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/6/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke does not think it is possible that she could be pregnant. The doctor explains it has been confirmed that Brooke is pregnant according to the lab.

Katie and Bill kiss and Bill explains he loves to spend time with her over making money any day. Katie thinks that Caroline may have been trying to impress Rick with the fashion show. Bill thinks that Rick is an ok choice for Caroline.

Caroline explains that they made a lot of money to which Rick finds remarkable. The two kiss and Maya sees this at the door. Rick explains that she blows his mind sometimes. Caroline says that was her goal. Caroline offers dinner. Rick says he has work to do. Caroline wants to celebrate and Rick says he is proud of her. The two kiss again.

Katie says that Will has ate and that he is sleeping now. Bill is happy. Katie says that the two of them will go back to the old days and that things are finally behind them. She believes that this is the greatest gift.

Brooke does not think that this is even possible. The doctor explains that Brooke is no doubt pregnant. Brooke starts to cry.

Maya is in Eric's office and Carter finds her and says he was looking for Rick. Maya says that she thought Carter was very bold in doing what he did for charity. Carter wonders why Maya is in the office all alone. Maya says she was pondering something. Carter thinks it is Rick and Caroline.

Caroline is so happy that Rick came through for him. Caroline can name at least 1o different ways she would like to thank him. Caroline once again says she is grateful and that she was reminded why she came to LA today because of his family and the community. Caroline hopes the days of him fighting for her are not over.

Katie says she is sorry that they had to go through all they did. Katie knows that Bill is still her husband. Bill is so happy as well and that the three of them are in this together.

Brooke did not expect this and wonders how this could be happening. The doctor says that this is not uncommon and notices that Brooke will need time to process this. Brooke thanks the doctors. The doctor explains that a late pregnancy can bring joy.

Carter does not think Rick and Caroline kissing means anything. Maya explains that she kissed him but they are dating. Carter tells her that means nothing. Carter says that he will not wait for her and if she likes Rick then she does because they do have something. Maya hopes that it all works out.

Caroline explains that before she could even unpack she had two men falling over her and she wanted Rick. Caroline hopes that Rick saw a different side of her today. Caroline believes they are partners and lovers. Caroline wants to fix whatever she broke. Rick says that he likes Caroline for what she is. Caroline says she is scared because Maya has taken Rick away from her. Rick says that Caroline is a great woman. Caroline begs Rick to show him then.

Brooke has flashbacks to her having sex with Bill and finding out she is pregnant. Brooke cries and runs off.

Katie says she has to leave and kisses Bill good bye.

Brooke runs outside the building breathing heavily.

Caroline says that Rick is the most important thing in her life. Caroline explains she would not fight so hard if she did not care. Caroline says that the two of them are fantastic together. She hopes that Rick is still hers and hopes that Rick knows how much he means to her. Rick explains about Maya and him. Rick says their is something between the two of them that she has to understand. Caroline says thank you for being supportive and being with her. She hopes to have more time with him. She kisses him.

Bill sits in his office and has flashbacks of Brooke.

Brooke funs down the street and Katie spots her. Brooke says to herself she is so sorry. Brooke finally stops and sits down. Katie runs over and asks what is wrong.

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