B&B Friday Update 5/3/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/3/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Caroline gets ready for her show and Brooke and Donna arrive complimenting her on the arrangements. Caroline says the staff did a terrific job. She leaves to look for Rick and Donna takes the chance to ask Brooke if she thinks she’ll be able to stay away from Bill. Brooke says yes but Donna reminds her how bad she is at resisting. Brooke says she’ll learn because she doesn’t want to come between Bill and Katie. She says Katie deserves a happy life so whatever is going on between Bill and her, it’s over.

At lunch Bill comments that Katie looks like she is in shock. Katie says it’s jus that it’s not every day that her business titan husband clears his schedule and takes her to lunch. Bill says shame on him then because she deserves it. Katie says thank you for him doing this for her. Caroline’s guests start to arrive and she talks to Marcus and Carter and asks them if they are ready to do this. They say anything to help. She asks if they have seen Rick and they say no.

Maya talks to Rick and tells him that she’s not a big fan of Caroline but this fundraiser is going to rock. Rick tells Maya why raising money for cancer is personal to Caroline because she lost her aunt, the woman she was named after. Maya says she’s sorry and says she’s happy he can help the cause. Rick says it could be worse, at least Caroline didn’t ask him wear heels. Maya asks why she would ever do that and Rick says it’s a long story and asks her out to dinner. Maya says she’d like that.

They share a smile before Caroline comes in at which Maya looks irritated again. Maya tells Caroline that she was just telling Rick the fundraiser is going to be a hit. Caroline says Rick was her inspiration as she loves seeing him shirtless. Maya looks annoyed as Caroline prattles on about Rick and says that Carter is going to be on the show too so it‘s eye candy for her (Maya). Rick looks pissed at that bit but Caroline says she just wants everyone to have a good time today. Caroline finally leaves to start her show and Rick turns to Maya who tries to smile but looks annoyed still.

Katie lets Bill order alcohol and has wine herself. Bill asks if he’s going to pay for this later but Katie says she meant what she said when she said that she was done controlling him. She says she does not want to be the nagging wife that he can’t get away from fast enough. Katie says she knows who she married and he’s absolutely perfect just the way he is. Bill laughs and says perfect is a stretch but be appreciates the sentiment. Katie says she’s sorry she’s been so judgment and rigid, that is not who he married. She says he never lost faith in them and she’s going to have so much fun making it up to him.

Brooke says hello to her doctor who is also there at the fundraiser before taking her seat as the show begins. After a round of applause to welcome Caroline, Caroline does the introduction to her first Los Angeles fundraiser for the Caroline Spencer Cancer Foundation and Rick looks proud and touched at her speech about her aunt and Stephanie Forrester as he watches on.

The show begins and Oliver, Thomas, Rick and Carter all take the stage and are met with whistles and applause. When the show ends Caroline thanks everyone for coming. When she gives a special shout out to her Rick calling him her boyfriend and kissing him, Maya looks upset.

Bill takes Katie’s hands and says she’s done a lot of apologizing and now it’s his turn. He asks her not to hang a halo on him. He says he’s been frustrated and he should have been more sensitive to what she was going through. He says he just wants her to know how sorry he is, but Katie tells him not to say sorry. Bill says he’s going to do better, he’s going to be the best husband and father that he can be because she and Will and their family is most important to him. He says he never wants to lose it. Katie looks touched at his words and tells him he never will before the share a passionate kiss.

Dr. Caspary pulls Brooke aside and tells her she needs to speak to her. Brooke asks if something is wrong. The doctor says she’s not sure how to tell her this. Brooke says she’s scaring her and asks what the results to her blood test was and if it’s menopause. The doctor says no and tells her she’s pregnant. Brooke is horrified at the news that she is pregnant with her sister’s husband’s baby.

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