B&B Thursday Update 5/2/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/2/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Donna begs Brooke to tell her she didnít do it. When Brooke says nothing and starts crying Donna is shocked and realizes Taylor was right, Brooke did sleep with Bill that night and betray Katie. Bill thinks back to how Brooke told him she canít stop thinking about him still. He looks like heís longing for Brooke until Caroline shows up who asked him to meet her at Forrester. She tells him to come into her office and tells him about the fundraiser. He tells her he is proud of her but canít attend the fundraiser as he needs to be with Katie. Caroline understands that and Bill tells her that heíll be donating generously though. Caroline asks how Katie is and asks if heís taking good care of her. Brooke tells Donna that she did betray Katie and Donna looks heartbroken as she starts to cry.

Oliver, Carter, Thomas, Marcus, and Rick arrive in Carolineís office. Bill leaves soon and Caroline asks the guys what they think. Marcus says he thinks this came together kind of fast. Caroline tells them about what she intends to do with her fundraiser. She says itís going to be a fashion show for the new menís intimates line and they are all going to model. She says itís going to be a display of LA's hunkiest men and soon they are all going to be in the showroom modeling. The boys look annoyed and confused and Rick turns to face Caroline.

Donna asks Brooke how she could do this. Brooke justifies her sleeping with Katieís husband by saying they thought it was over. They thought Katie ended her marriage so it was okay for them to move on together. Donna looks stunned at the news that Katie ended her marriage that night.

Rick tells Caroline that she canít just go springing something like this on them like that. She says sorry for that seeing how annoyed they all are at not having been informed. Maya comes in and Caroline tells her they are having a meeting. She tells Maya of her fundraiser and Maya says itís very cool but Caroline takes a clear jab at her by saying this is what making a real difference looks like. Rick and Maya smile tightly at her words.

Seeing that Bill has a lot of work to deal with Katie offers to help. Bill is impressed by her and says sheís learned well. Katie tells him sheís had a good teacher and says sheís learned a lot from him about persistence and commitment. She says he never gave up on her and Bill starts to look guilty as Katie keeps showering him with compliments he knows he does not deserve after what he did with Brooke that night.

Donna questions Brooke about that night and asks when exactly Bill and her had sex. She asks if that was what Katie walked in on but Brooke says no and explains how it all happened. She keeps trying to place blame on Katie by mentioning how Katie handed Bill to her by saying to her to take him and how he was hers now. She says she kept telling her that she could have him and she was finished with Bill. She says thatís why Bill and her came to the conclusion that it was over and they could be together, because Katie made them believe it was so.

Rick tells Caroline that they are not models. Thomas says well for once Rick and him agree on something. Oliver and Marcus also express discomfort at the idea of having to model intimates. Caroline tells them they are all studs and that is why tickets sold out so fast. Rick says what and she tells them tickets sold out and hour after she announced the event for a 1,000 dollars each. She tries to convince them to do this but Rick says she should have cleared this with him before the tickets went on sale. He gives in though and okays the idea when the others say itís okay. Caroline hugs Rick out of excitement while looking at Maya who looks annoyed.

Katie tells Bill to go on and leave and sheíll take care of everything, but Bill has Allison clear both of their schedules. Katie asks him what heís doing and he tells her he wants to take a day off with his wife. He says he wants to spend the day with her and hugs her. Katie smiles and Bill looks guilty over her shoulder.

Brooke tells Donna that Katie ended it and she was very clear about that. Donna says that Katie was angry, but Brooke insists that it was not just anger and she was over with Bill. Donna feels sympathy for Brookeís situation but asks Brooke how Bill is supposed to be a husband to their sister after all of this.

Caroline continues to rub Rickís approval of her plan by hugging him and smirking at Maya while Katie tells Bill that she canít believe he cleared his schedule for her. Katie says heís doing so much for her. Guilty, Bill asks her not to treat him like a saint. Katie says she just loves him thatís all. She says sheíll never doubt him again and hugs him while Bill looks worried.

Brooke gets Donna to agree not to say anything and gets her support. Brooke says that Bill is going to be with Katie and that is how it is going to be.

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