B&B Wednesday Update 5/1/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/1/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie and Bill kiss each other. Bill asks if Katie would like to come to Forrester knowing that Caroline would be happy to see her. Liam and Steffy walk into the office. Katie welcomes the two of them and asks how the honeymoon is going. Bill says he would like to hear but he has a meeting with Forrester. Bill is excited over his grandchild.

Taylor asks how Donna is doing with things. Taylor says she can have Steffy help out with things and she came back from her honeymoon. Taylor says that they wanted to check on Bill and Katie because of the accident and hopes that nothing changes. Brooke and Hope both look sad for their own reasons over Taylor's words. Hope says she has to go. Brooke wonders if Hope will be in the show room. Hope says probably. Brooke offers her some personal time. Hope goes. Brooke tells Taylor to stop talking about Katie. Taylor tells Brooke she has a bunch to work on with Katie. Brooke leaves and tells Taylor to go to her office for a change. Donna tells Taylor to leave her sisters alone.

Liam says that he missed having Katie at the wedding. Katie explains that although she may have wished for a different outcome she is happy for both of them and can't be more excited for the baby.

Brooke has flashbacks to her having sex with Bill. Bill shows up at her door and Brooke smiles. Bill wonders where Caroline is. Brooke explains she is probably in the show room. Bill turns to leave but Brooke tells him not to go.

Hope works in her office and has an assistant put stuff on her desk reminding her Steffy is back today. Hope is aware as she explains and has her leave. Hope gets a group text from Liam and it is pictures of Steffy and Liam.

Liam is disapointed that Steffy has to leave. Steffy says she is happy Katie is alright and starts to leave. Katie tells Steffy that she wants this to work out with her. Katie believes they are now family and wants nothing but good things for all of them. Steffy says thank you.

Donna does not believe Katie needs to be looked after. Donna tells Katie to keep herself professional. Taylor thinks that Brooke cannot control herself when it comes to men. Donna tells Taylor that Katie pushed the attraction and that neither of them did anything about it.

Bill says that Katie came into the office today.

Brooke wonders how the two are going. Bill says pretty good. Brooke wonders what the two shared and can't stop thinking about them.

Taylor knows that Donna looks up to Brooke. Donna does not believe Brooke did anything. Taylor knows that this is how it always starts with Brooke. Taylor thinks that Brooke always crosses a line she should not. Donna wonders why Taylor is trashing Brooke again. Taylor wants to stop her from going to far for once.

Katie explains she ment what she did was true even if he will always love Hope.

Steffy walks into her office to find Hope. Steffy says sorry for what Hope is going through.

Brooke knows she has to stop remembering and not think about it. Bill knows that they cannot go back to that night ever again. Brooke wonders how she will get him out of her mind. Bill hugs Brooke. Donna walks up to her door and finds Brooke hugging Bill and crying.

Steffy knows things will be weird between the two of them but wants them to get along and that they can do better than the two of their mothers. Steffy explains that they knew one of them would end up with them. Hope can't believe this and Hope does not want it. Hope does blame the baby but is not sure if Steffy was. Hope knows that this is her life and does not diserve Hope's forgiveness.

Katie knows that Hope does not matter for Liam anymore. Liam says that he will always care for Hope but that he is looking forward to the marraige in general. Katie explains that Liam has to live his life with Steffy and things can get better.

Donna interupts the two of them and Brooke explains that they were talking about Katie. Bill leaves the room. Donna says that things got crazy with Taylor. Brooke agrees. Donna says she stood up for Brooke when she left. Brooke thanks Donna. Donna knows that Brooke could neve betray Katie and she would know right away. Donna can't believe it when she sees Brooke's face.

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