B&B Tuesday Update 4/30/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/30/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam and Steffy come home from the store with baby clothes. Liam explains they could call the doctor and find out what the gender of the baby is. Both decide against it. Steffy explains that she finds it fun to buy two sets of everything.

Taylor walks into Eric's office and wonders why Taylor did not get woken up. Eric said he had an early meeting. Taylor hopes she did not keep him up with her tossing and turning. Eric wonders what that was about and understands it is hard for Taylor hearing someone defend Brooke. Taylor explains it had nothing to do with that.

Brooke asks why she does not feel good to her doctor. The doctor asks if she has something she needs to talk about, she notices that Brooke does have something to talk about.

Taylor was hurt that Brooke was being defended. Eric knows this but he needs peace. Taylor feels that she is right. Eric knows that Taylor not going to drop this and wonders what else she said to Brooke. Taylor says it has more with what she said to him.

Liam and Steffy show each other baby clothes and the two joke about baby names. Liam feels that this feels more real every day. Steffy agrees with him. Liam is very excited to be a father. Liam wants to get a bat and ball for the baby. Steffy says that they have not even gone to a birthing class. Liam is afraid that he could turn into a control freak like his father and grand father. Liam knows that it took Bill his entire life to accept himself.

Brooke explains she has had a lot of stress and asks if the doctor is hot. The doctor explains that Brooke may be having hot flashes and menapause. Brooke does not want to be going through this right now. The doctor explains that this is not something that can not be controlled.

Eric wonders if Taylor would still be worried if it was someone else were involved with what happened if Taylor would still care. Taylor does not answer the question and asks if Brooke could actually win Eric back if she wanted to because that is what Brooke said. Eric wonders if Brooke actually said that. Taylor confirms this and wonders why Brooke would say something like that. Eric says he does not know and that Brooke does not want him back. Taylor wonders if she did. Eric says that he is commited to Taylor and only Taylor right now.

Liam gives Steffy a package that arrived. Steffy opens it and it is pictures of Steffy and Liam's wedding as well as an open slot for the baby picture. Steffy says that her childhood was difficult but that she is going to be excited that the baby will not have to deal with the same things. Steffy thanks Liam for his love.

Brooke walks into Eric's office. Brooke spots an envelope on the table and sees pictures of the Brooke's bedroom line. Eric walks in and says sorry again. Brooke understands she should not have said certain things. Eric tells Brooke that he is not going to leave Taylor just to scare Taylor away. Brooke knows that Eric likes Taylor. Eric explains also of Brooke. Eric wonders if Brooke is ok. Brooke says that she went to the doctor and was told somethings that she should not let bother her about metapause. Eric hugs Brooke while she cries. Brooke says she will have the results tomorrow and she is not 25 anymore. Brooke thinks that someone will have to do the campaign. Eric believes that no matter her age Brooke is the only one who can do the job. Eric never wants anything to change and the two hug again.

Steffy has flashbacks to other times in Aspen with Liam. Steffy cannot believe it is her last day here. Steffy wants Aspen to be a Spencer family tradition. Steffy wants to go paragliding again and Liam says not to it along with motor cycle riding until the baby is born. Steffy agrees. Steffy does not need to do anything wild because she has Liam to fill her void. Steffy has the baby inside her and is very happy. Liam tells Steffy that he loves her. The two kiss and hug.

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