B&B Monday Update 4/29/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/29/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Taylor demands to know the truth about what Brooke did with Bill.

Steffy walks outside with ice cream and tells Liam that she could not wait and will not share with Liam. Liam snatches the ice cream and starts to kiss Steffy.

Hope works outside and Oliver comes to sit with her. Caroline spots Rick and Maya and asks Hope what in the world Rick sees in Maya. Caroline runs over to Maya and Rick and tells him that she has the perfect idea because he is into charity cases and the Caroline Spencer Cancer fondation is due for a new fund raiser and she needs his help to plan it. Rick looks at Maya who frowns. Caroline thinks that is a great idea and that she should definatly use Rick. Rick says that he is busy right now but would love to help out later on. Caroline goes back to Hope and Oliver and asks what he sees in and tells Hope that Liam is in Aspen. Hope can't believe it.

Steffy votes that Liam stays in bed with her in the baby and she starts to tickle him.

Taylor thinks that Brooke is denying what is going on. Eric walks in and asks what is going on. Taylor tells Eric that Brooke and Bill slept together.

Thomas bumps into a girl and Maya explains everyone in fashion looks like a model. Caroline tells Hope that she should not have to compete with Maya. Caroline believes that Rick should jump at the chance to help her out and does not want Maya involved. Caroline can't deal with all the atractive men and starts looking at Rick telling Hope she has not been with him in a while. Caroline gets an idea involving hot men and leaves Hope who is more than happy to lose her.

Steffy does not want Liam to leave the bed. Steffy believes that this is a sign of love. She means what she says about love and that they were not just words. Steffy explains that Liam is not the lucky one it is her. Liam disagrees with her on it and kisses her.

Brooke tells Eric that she does not know what Taylor is talking about. Taylor does not believe what happened and knows that their is more to the story. Brooke wonders why Taylor wants to have more after what happened to Katie. Brooke tells Taylor to back off. Eric tells Taylor to leave Brooke alone.

Marcus tells Carter to lay off of Maya. Carter says that Rick is still dating Caroline. Caroline talks to herself about having a sexy fashion show featuring shirtless men. She sends a message to her followers about the show. Oliver asks how Hope is doing about Liam and Aspen. Hope says she is ok. Hope believes that this all has to do with Apsen.

Steffy wants to take a hike before they are tired later and Steffy promises that they will be tired. Steffy digs her nails on Liams skin while they kiss.

Taylor believes that what she says is true. Eric demands that Brooke be left alone and she is being treated unfairly. Eric does not think that Taylor should be treating Katie if she has such a problem with Brooke. Brooke tells Taylor not one more word.

Rick tells Maya to let herself be true because people want the truth. Caroline tells Rick that she has the perfect idea for a fund raiser and wants to have men in the show room and him to be involved. Rick says he will see what they can do about it. Caroline happy runs off.

Liam brushes against Steffy while in bed and kisses her. The two smiles.

Hope has flashbacks to her being trapped in Aspen because of Steffy.

 Steffy tells Liam I love you and he respends with the same to her.

Taylor tells Brooke she is not fooling anyone with the questions. Brooke tells Taylor that Katie is going to make a real choice in her mental health. Brooke feels that she has nothing to talk about and that everything is fine. Brooke wonders if Taylor is jelous. Taylor feels everything is fine and she loves her life right now. Brooke thinks that Taylor is insecure and to prove it she could have Eric if she really wanted so she better watch out if she wants to keep him.

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