B&B Friday Update 4/26/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/26/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Cuddled up in bed, Steffy asks Liam if he was serious about naming their baby Aspen. Liam says he is because it works for both a boy and a girl and it has meaning for both of them. Steffy says yes for a girl but if it ends up being a boy then Bill is going to expect some form of William as the name. Liam asks whatís left in that line and they come with names that scare them. Both agree to pray itís a girl to save it from such a name.

Katie spends time with her baby and husband. Katie asks Bill what heís up to because he looks sneaky. Bill tells her to just sit back and relax because he has a few surprises for her. Katie smiles looking excited and curious.

Pam asks Brooke to let her know when Donna is back because she needs to go to lunch. Lt. Baker comes to visit and after having a lemon bar, tells Pam he needs to talk to Brooke to solve a case. Pam asks what Brooke did and he says nothing, he just needs to ask about her car. Pam says he caught Brooke at a good time because her mechanic just called. Lt. Baker says thatís convenient and goes in to see Brooke who immediately looks intimidated upon seeing him.

Bill and Katie have a catered lunch and Katie asks him if heís sure he has time to take out to do this as he doesnít even have a cell phone on him today. Bill says no cell phones and no interruptions, she is his number one priority, their family making Katie smile. She says she likes the sound of that making Bill smile.

Liam is all over Steffy as Taylor calls Steffy on her phone. Liam says to let it go to voicemail but Steffy picks up and Liam keeps kissing her, making it hard for her to talk to her mom. Taylor gets what is going on and hangs up while looking happy at the knowledge that Liam and Steffy are so in love. Steffy thanks Liam for the ideal honeymoon. Liam smiles and says it was the ideal wedding. Steffy asks if it really was as she rode up on a motorcycle. Liam says well after their first wedding he expected a dramatic entrance from the bride. Steffy says mountaintops and motorcycles and Liam asks if sheís planning their twenty-five year anniversary right now or something where she will parachute in. Steffy says he will just have to wait and see and Liam laughs before kissing her.

Bill tries to feed Will a steak, but Katie tells him not to just yet and promises to celebrate his first molar with a big, juicy steak. Bill gives Katie a necklace and tells her Will wants her to wear it because he knows how beautiful it will look on her. Katie puts it on while looking happy.

Lt. Baker questions Brooke about her car and the collision she had with Billís car that night. Brooke tries to play dumb and act as if she knows nothing but the lieutenant doesnít believe her. Taylor listens in on their conversation after learning from Pam what is going on. Lt. Baker deduces that Bill was driving drunk that night and Brooke is protecting him. Taylor is stunned to hear that Bill and Brooke were together at her home that night after all.

Liam tells Steffy that it was pretty cool how she came riding up on her motorcycle. Steffy says heís still thinking about that and Liam asks her if she has any idea how hot that was making her laugh. Steffy says he did look impressed and says but she was like that when he brought in her favorite singer. Liam asks if that song really makes her think of them. Steffy says yes. Liam says it was a memorable wedding and Steffy agrees. Steffy says she knows how itís supposed to be now and that is when itís right for both people. Liam and Steffy remember when things started turning around for them with the moment Liam ripped up the annulment papers. They share another kiss and hold each other close.

Will falls asleep and Bill gives Katie her next gift; a pair of diamond earrings. Katie says they are gorgeous and Bill asks her to put them on.

Brooke tells the lieutenant that he is jumping to conclusions. The lieutenant says the pieces fit and tells Brooke heíll be in touch if she decides to stop this aversion game and admit the truth. Once he leaves, Taylor enters and says she knew that Brooke and Bill were hiding something. Brooke tries to blow her off, but Taylor gets straight to the point and asks if Bill was drunk in her bed that night or not.

Liam tells Steffy that they have both come so far and have figured out how to be grownups. Steffy says she just canít wait to see where they will be in a year from now. Steffy says they will be new parents, a new adventure that will be a lifelong one. Liam says yes and kisses her. Katie thanks Bill for the lunch and the gifts and their life together. She tells him she lost her way when she was accusing him but that is all behind them. She says sheís back now and she loves him so much. Bill looks guilty. Brooke tries to lie to Taylor that nothing happened between Bill and her that night but the moment Taylor demands that she looks at her when she says that Taylor knows sheís lying. Shaking her head in disgust Taylor says she did it, she slept with her sisterís husband. Brooke looks guilty but says nothing.

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