B&B Thursday Update 4/25/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/25/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Hope sees the headlines everywhere on the internet reading “Steffy and Liam Married” and looks heartbroken. Brooke sits down to talk to her and looks at her with sympathetic eyes making Hope sigh sadly. Katie spends time with her baby and Bill at her home as he looks after her. Bill brings her medicines and water and Katie starts to cry as she thanks him and tells him she can’t even begin to tell him how much she appreciates it. Bill smiles slightly but looks guilty.

Caroline locks Rick’s office door and goes inside. Finding Rick there she climbs into his lap and immediately begins to seduce him. Rick tells her he has a lot to do but she tells him she can make all of it a lot of fun. She tells him she knows she can be impossible sometimes but he has changed her life and she misses him a lot. She gets off his lap then and strips down to her underwear and asks him if he’s had breakfast yet.

Caroline attempts to seduce Rick but he keeps putting her off by saying he has to work on the Hope for the Future line. Rick gives her back her dress to put on and Caroline sighs before angrily saying it’s Maya that is getting in his head. Just as she finishes dressing there is a knock on the door. Caroline opens it and is not pleased to find Maya standing there.

Katie thanks Bill and says after everything he and Brooke have done for her, she put them through hell. Bill looks guilty as Katie speaks. They share a kiss and Katie smiles, but Bill continues to look guilty at what he knows he has done with Brooke.

Caroline learns that the meeting Maya is here for is for a spokesmodel for the line. She thinks they are replacing Maya and is happy but is told they are just looking for an additional model to work alongside Maya. Rick talks about how he wants to revamp the line and noticing that Maya is looking impressed with Rick, Caroline says she just loves his confidence before kissing him. Maya looks uncomfortable and Caroline finally leaves after annoying Rick and Maya both when she calls Maya “Myrna” on her way out.

Brooke suggests that Hope be with Oliver, but Hope says she’s not going to jump into another relationship right now. She says she’s not ready. Brooke tells Hope that she is strong and she will survive because she is a Logan. Hope thanks her mother before hugging her and leaving for her meeting. Brooke looks after Hope as she leaves in a concerned way.

Donna comes to visit Katie. Bill takes Will to nap to give them time to talk. Donna tells Katie she looks good, and Katie says she feels good. Katie says she feels lucky too to be loved by a man like Bill. She says she wants to be a better wife, because she thinks he deserves it. Donna doesn’t look too sure of that herself.

Caroline goes up to the roof where Carter is working out and asks him about Maya and his relationship and how that is going. Carter tells her that Maya is pretty close to Rick which annoys her and she tells him that she wants Maya out of Rick’s life and Forester. She says she has a feeling that he wants that too. Carter just looks back at her quietly.

Rick lets Oliver know how he feels about Maya by telling him he is intrigued by her. The models arrive for the spokesmodel selection and Rick lets them in. Rick gives them a speech about what they intend to do with the line before beginning the interviews with one of the models named Heidi. Maya watches on with a smile on her lips as Rick conducts the interviews expertly.

Caroline asks Carter if he’s on board or not. Carter says that she wants him to get her out of Rick’s life. Caroline says no it’s to get Maya to become a part of his life and reminds him how he is attracted to her. Carter says who wouldn’t be at which Caroline gets annoyed and says she thinks she’s just a charity case. Caroline then gets the idea to use charity to win Rick’s interest back. She says she can play the same “charity game” that Maya is playing. She says that she can raise lots of money for charity and says Rick is going to see her in action. Carter simply listens on.

Rick keeps going with the interviews as Maya watches him pleased the whole way through. Rick finishes with the first two ladies and tells Teresa it’s her turn. Hope watches the interaction between her brother and Maya as they meeting goes on.

Bill receives expensive earrings he bought for Katie as a gift. He hopes to himself that she will think herself lucky to have them. Donna tells Katie that she doesn’t like hearing her talk like that. Katie says it’s true though and says Bill has done so much for her and what has she done to show her gratitude. She thinks back to when she left Will with Bill and ran away when she was dealing with her PPD syndrome, when she kept telling him to change himself to meet her standards, and when she took of her wedding ring. She says he didn’t deserve all that. She says Bill stood by her and gave her a beautiful child and has been nothing but loyal. Donna doesn’t look confident that that is true.

Caroline tells Carter that if he wants Maya he should get to it. She again calls Maya a charity case but Carter says that there are clear reasons why Maya is so likeable. Caroline ignores him and says that he should just work on getting her for himself. She says meanwhile she is going to work on her own charity event. She says she is going to throw the biggest, hottest charity event that anyone has ever seen and says she’d like to see Maya compete with that.

After Teresa speaks favorable about Hope’s message, Rick and Hope become impressed. As the other models leave they stop her and tell her that they are looking to refocus but like her attitude. Rick says they both agree that she has a contribution to make to the line. They tell her she’s been chosen and Teresa bursts with joy as she hugs Rick and Hope and thanks them a million times. When Hope takes her away to celebrate, Maya turns to Rick and tells him he handled that really well. Rick smiles at Maya and thanks her but Maya thanks him for bringing her into his life. Rick looks touched.


Brooke calls Bill and they once again tell each other goodbye while looking unhappy at having to end it between them for Katie’s sake only.

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