B&B Wednesday Update 4/24/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/24/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy tells Liam to never call her anything other than wife. Liam says the fun is just starting. Steffy knows where they are going and says they are going to Aspen. Liam smiles. Steffy gets happy and kisses Liam.

Oliver finds Hope and wonders how she is doing.

Bill tells Katie that the doctor told her to take it easy for a few days. Katie says thank you. Katie can not believe that it took almost dying to know that Brooke and Bill love her. Katie admits she is thankful for Bill and Brooke's support and thanks Bill for this second chance. Katie hugs Bill.

Hope wonders why Oliver is still around this late. Oliver says he wants her to help her eat cup cakes. Hope notices that it is her favorite bakery. Oliver says he is happy to help in anyway he can.

Steffy thinks that this is all perfect. Steffy is so happy. Liam wonders what they will do when they get there. Steffy explains the same thing she plans on doing over and over for the next couple of days. Steffy kisses Liam passionately.

Brooke looks at Katie and Bill's wedding picture and is saddened.

Bill brings Will over to Katie and Katie hugs him and is happy to see him. Katie can't believe how things were almost so different. Bill tells her to try to forget about all of this. Katie agrees now that she was over reacting. Katie loves Bill and nothing can change that. Bill kisses Katie. Bill tells Katie that Will is asleep and he is glad that Katie is back home. Katie hopes she has not to deal with small things. Bill says she has nothing to worry about. Katie wants to get ready for bed but asks Bill to say goodbye to Brooke. Bill goes.

Brooke is sitting on the couch. Bill thanks Brooke for getting the car moved. Brooke asks how Katie is doing. Bill says she will do fine. Bill explains that this has been a wild day. Brooke congratulates Bill for Steffy and Liam although she does not agree with it. Brooke explains Hope has not done very well.

Liam and Steffy arrive at the house. Liam is out of breath after picking Steffy up. Liam and Steffy joke about the gender of the baby. Steffy and Liam kiss. Steffy says that is has been a long day and jokes about getting married again tomorrow. The two kiss passionately.

Brooke says she will go home soon. Bill tells her she can stay as long as she wants. Brooke explains that she put Katie's medicine in the kitchen. Bill did not expect this to happen. Brooke agrees. Bill wants everything for Brooke. Brooke knows this. Brooke hopes that Bill and Katie restart their life. Brooke tells Bill that they need to let this go. Brooke knows that Katie loves Bill to much for Bill to not be the husband she wants. Brooke believes that this is important and with the child involved. Brooke cries while saying this. Brooke knows that this will grow. Brooke just wants Bill to be happy and to just have faith.

Hope believes that this should be her wedding day. Oliver believes that she should hate Liam but she does not. Hope knows but she just can't hate Liam. Oliver tells Hope things will get brighter tomorrow.

Liam gives Steffy spring water and the two toast to it and kiss over the fire place. The two start to kiss passionately and take off their clothes. Steffy and Liam lay in bed after sex and explain to each other that the know that the marriage will be good. Steffy gets out of bed for a moment.

Hope sends Liam a congratulations text. Hope breaths and looks at her phone crying.

Brooke once again looks at the wedding picture and imagines Bill saying he wants a divorce. She then has flashbacks to all the times he has been with Brooke romantically. Brooke leaves Bill and Katie's house and looks off into the distance.

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